If your laptop is your main computer, you probably have multiple peripherals attached to it, such as a laptop cooler, an external mouse for those who hate using the touchpad, USB cable to charge your phone, printer cable, external monitor, etc. That’s all fine but when you need to pack your laptop up to take to class/work, you’ll need to unplug everything and plug them back again when you’re done. Granted it probably takes you a minute or two, but it looks like there’s now a more efficient and elegant solution.

mLogic has announced their mDock which basically is a hub where all your cables get connected to. It then connects to your laptop (we’re guessing via USB?) meaning you will only need to unplug the mDock when you have to take your laptop out with you, and plug it in when you’re home. A rather elegant solution, on top of that it also doubles up as an external hard drive that backs up your MacBook system disk via Time Machine and comes in either a 500GB or 1TB version.

It even features a 10W charge port that lets you charge your iOS devices at the same time. Now if that sounds like something you may be interested in, mLogic’s mDock will set you back $219 for the 500GB version and $299 for the 1TB version. For more information head on down to mLogic’s website.

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