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Facebook Will Soon Let Users Chat Across Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp
Earlier this year, it was rumored that Facebook could be looking to unify some of its apps. This included WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger where the idea was that by unifying them, users could chat across them all at once. This is versus the current situation where each app is standalone and more or less separate from each other.

Facebook Shows Off Upcoming Redesign, Will Include Dark Mode For Web
If you’re getting a bit bored of the way Facebook looks, you’re in luck because at the company’s annual F8 developer conference, they took the wraps off what appears to be a brand new upcoming design that they will be rolling out across all platforms, including mobile and the web versions of Facebook.

Facebook’s New ‘Secret Crushes’ Feature Makes You Feel Like You're Back In High School
Last year, Facebook introduced Facebook Dating which is pretty much as the name suggests. Given how Facebook already has such a huge established user base, it made sense that they would try to leverage it in this manner. Now it seems that the company is rolling out new features to its Dating section.

Facebook Messenger App For Desktop Coming This Year
Facebook Messenger has seen incredible improvement and growth ever since Facebook made the decision to unbundle it from the main app. The functionality has been enhanced considerably over the past few years and the company is now fulfilling a consistent demand from users. It’s going to release a dedicated Facebook Messenger app for the desktop.


Facebook Portal To Get WhatsApp Support As It Goes International
Facebook has confirmed today that it will now start selling its Portal smart display outside the United States. It’s also adding new features to the device, some of which were confirmed at the company’s F8 developers’ conference today. The Portal and Portal+ have only been available in the United States and Canada so far.

Facebook Being Investigated For Scraping Contacts From Emails
Another day, another privacy investigation concerning Facebook. The New York attorney general’s office has confirmed that it has launched an investigation against Facebook’s “unauthorized collection of 1.5M of their users’ email contact databases.” The investigation has been announced following recent reports that Facebook had been scraping the contact list of some users who had joined the social network after 2016.

Facebook May Be Fined Up To $5 Billion By FTC
The FTC’s ongoing investigation into Facebook’s privacy practices has already been expected to cost the company a significant amount of money. A multi-billion dollar fine has been expected and there’s now a range in which this fine could fall between. FTC may fine Facebook up to $5 billion as it wraps up its investigating into the company’s data sharing practices following the explosive Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Millions Of Instagram Passwords Were Stored In Plain Text
Facebook reported a security lapse last month in which it claims that “tens of thousands” of Instagram users’ passwords were stored in plain text and people who had access to certain internal systems could view them. The company has quietly revised the figure upwards considerably. It now says that “millions” of Instagram users’ passwords were stored in plain text in addition to “hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users” and […]

Facebook Wants To Challenge Amazon, Apple, Google With Their Own Voice Assistant
At the moment, most of the major tech companies have their own digital voice assistants. Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana, and Samsung has Bixby. Unsurprisingly, Facebook now wants in on the action and according to a report from CNBC, they have heard from their sources that the company is indeed developing its own voice assistant software.

Facebook To Discontinue Messenger Payments In The UK And France
Facebook Messenger does allow peer-to-peer payments but that’s no longer going to be possible in two major markets. The company has confirmed that it’s going to discontinue peer-to-peer Messenger payments in the United Kingdom and France later this year. It says that active users will be notified of the change in due course.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Now Available To All
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Facebook was testing out a dark mode for its Messenger app. It was later revealed that users could “secretly” enable the feature with a trick, but the good news is that if you can appreciate dark mode on your apps, Facebook has announced that the feature is now live to all users.

Facebook Could Merge News Feed And Stories Into A Single Carousel
Facebook appears to be testing a new way to view content in your News Feed and Stories on the social network. It may merge content from the two sources in a single, hybrid carousel that’s swipeable. So swiping will essentially replace scrolling on Facebook.

Some Oculus Touch Controllers Were Shipped With Hidden Messages
Facebook-owned Oculus has confirmed that “tens of thousands” of its Touch controllers were shipped with hidden messages inscribed on internal components. These messages were only supposed to be easter eggs on internal prototypes but they ended up making their way on non-prototype editions that were shipped to customers.

Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram Have Another Outage
For the second time within a month, Facebook’s three core services were down yet again. Reports starting coming in early this morning that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were down for users in several parts of the world. Users were unable to message each other and it was also not possible to load new content.