group storiesBack in 2018, Facebook launched a feature for its platform in the form of Group Stories, where users could post Stories that would be only available in Groups. However, the feature must not have been particularly well-received because just last month, Facebook announced that they would be killing off the feature.


However, if the feature was something you enjoyed, you’ll be pleased to learn that Group Stories might not be completely dead. According to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, she has discovered that there is a chance that the feature could be revived in Instagram, as it seems that the platform is testing it out.

Since Instagram does not have groups, how this feature will work is that it will be available for group messages. Instagram already has a way for users to share Stories with only close friends, but this feature means that it will limit who sees your Stories even further, which is great for privacy.

Also, Stories seem to be doing a lot better on Instagram compared to Facebook’s other platforms, so there is a chance that when this feature rolls out, it could be perform better. That being said, given that this is a test, there is no guarantee that we will see it released, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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