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Facebook's Fundraisers Feature Used To Raise Over $1 Billion
Facebook launched a fundraising tool back in 2016 to allow users to create personal fundraisers for 501c3 nonprofits verified by the company itself. The feature enabled users and their friends to donate money to these organizations from within the social network itself so they didn’t need to visit an external site for the purpose. Facebook has since expanded the fundraising feature and has now announced that it has been used […]

Facebook CEO Reportedly Told Executives To Stop Using iPhones
It appears that comments critical of Facebook from Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t go down well with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He reportedly told Facebook executives to stop using iPhones and start using Android smartphones instead. Zuckerberg reportedly told them to switch to Android phones as the OS has a higher usage worldwide compared to iOS.

Facebook Messenger’s New UI Design Is Rolling Out To Users
Last month Facebook announced that they would be rolling out a new UI update to its Messenger platform. The idea behind the new UI design is that it would make it cleaner and less cluttered compared to the current version, which is very much welcome when you consider how long the app has been around.

Another Facebook Vulnerability Could Have Exposed User Data
Facebook has received a lot of criticism lately due to mishandling of user data because of security vulnerabilities and now another one has come to light. A security company by the name of Imperva has provided details about another Facebook vulnerability that could have exposed information about users and their friends.


WhatsApp To Delete Chat Histories Not Backed Up To Google Drive
Several years ago, WhatsApp gave Android users the option of choosing to either backup their chat histories to their devices locally or to Google Drive. However it seems that backing up to Google Drive is now mandatory as WhatsApp has confirmed that chat histories that have yet to be backed up to Google Drive will be deleted.

Facebook To Allow French Regulators To Observe How They Combat Hate Speech
Facebook has come under fire multiple times over how it handles hate speech and other similar types of content. This isn’t to say that Facebook is doing nothing about it, but rather many seem to feel that Facebook isn’t working quickly enough to prevent or remove such content from its platform.

Facebook Launches Its TikTok Rival Called Lasso
There were reports that Facebook was developing a new app to compete with TikTok, a very popular app from China that allows users to create 15-second videos. TikTok is hugely popular with teens and it recently merged with to further expand its user base. Facebook is looking to tap into that teen demographic as well given that they don’t seem to prefer its social network that much anymore. It […]

Facebook Dating Is Expanding To Two New Countries
It was confirmed by Facebook earlier this year that the world’s largest social network will get dating features. It launched them as a test in Colombia recently and the company is now expanding this test to two additional markets. The dating feature draws on many aspects of Facebook in order to encourage users to meet in public. It’s fundamentally different from the swiping models used by popular dating apps like […]

Facebook Portal Video Chat Devices Shipping Today
Facebook announced its Portal video chat devices back in October. Portal and Portal+ are the two models that it launched in October. They’re basically smart displays that have additional features to enhance the video calling experience. They’re priced at $199 and $349, respectively.

Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature Arriving Soon
There are many cross-platform messaging apps that allow you to unsend a message within a set timeframe once you’ve sent it. Facebook Messenger, one of the most widely used messaging apps, will soon receive this feature as well. The company itself has confirmed that the Facebook Messenger unsend feature will be arriving soon.

Official Nintendo Wii U Facebook Page Will Be Shuttered This Friday
Following the massive success of the Nintendo Wii, we’re sure that Nintendo assumed that the Wii U, which comes with a separate screen that you can play games on in case your TV is being used by someone else, would be an even bigger hit. It actually turned out to be the opposite where less than 5 years into the console’s life, Nintendo ended its production.

Facebook To Launch Physical Pop-Up Store At Macys
When Amazon announced plans to launch physical stores, it raised some eyebrows as one of Amazon’s selling points was its ability to allow customers to shop for pretty much anything in the comfort of their own home. However at the same time it wasn’t really that much of a stretch given that Amazon is at its core, a retailer.

How To Disable Facebook Live Notifications
Facebook’s live video notifications can be quite annoying, especially since most of us don’t really care for them, unless there is something breaking going on. In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to disable Facebook Live notifications on both desktop and mobile (Android and iOS).

WhatsApp's Status Feature To Get Ads Soon
Facebook paid a hefty sum for WhatsApp, $16 billion, for those keeping count. Many have wondered since then just how the world’s largest social network is going to make money from the world’s largest cross-platform messaging service. The answer came earlier this year when it was revealed that the Status feature will be used to deliver ads. A company executive has revealed that this will be the “primary” monetization mode […]