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Japan Calls On Facebook To Improve User Data Protection
Facebook’s multiple data lapses this year have affected millions of people across the globe and this hasn’t gone down well with Japan. The country’s government today called on the world’s largest social network to do more in order to protect the personal data of its users. It also wants Facebook to inform regulators of any future changes in security measures.

Facebook May Be Looking To Buy A Cybersecurity Company
The recent hack which revealed information of millions of users may have compelled Facebook to take more concrete measures to improve the security of its platform. To that end, the company might be thinking about acquiring a cybersecurity firm. That’s what a new report has claimed.

Multiple Studies Find That Fake News On Facebook Is Declining
Several years ago, Facebook had an issue with fake news where it was found that people were spreading and sharing “news” from outlets that were known to spread misinformation. The company has since taken active steps to reduce fake news from appearing on its platform, and it looks like they might be succeeding in doing that.

Survey Finds That 50% Of US Users Don’t Know Who Owns WhatsApp
Everyone probably knows companies such as Facebook and Google, but did you know that these companies actually own a fair number of popular services and software that you might be using on a daily basis? For those who follow the tech news, chances are you might be familiar with this, but a recent survey found that a good many people don’t.


Recent Facebook Hack Wasn't For Influencing Voters
Facebook recently disclosed a hack in which unauthorized persons had managed to access 30 million accounts. The initial reports suggested that these hackers could be working for a foreign state to influence voters ahead of the midterm elections in the United States. According to a new report, the hackers only wanted to sell deceptive ads using the accounts that they had accessed. Their motive wasn’t influencing voters on Facebook.

Facebook News Feed Will Downrank Sites With Stolen Content
Facebook regularly makes changes to the News Feed so that it only surfaces content that’s relevant to the user and what they’re interested in seeing. It also makes changes to ensure that low-quality content and spam doesn’t surface in News Feed. The company has now said that News Feed will automatically downrank posts from sites that have stolen content.

MTV’s The Real World Being Brought Back To Life By Facebook
Facebook has been investing considerably in original video content recently and it’s now going the nostalgia route to get more people to watch its content. The world’s largest social network has teamed up with MTV to bring The Real World back to life. The once popular reality TV show will have a second coming. The company says that viewers will experience a “reimagined” version of the show on Facebook Watch.

Data Collected From Facebook Portal Could Be Used For Targeted Ads
With all the backlash Facebook has faced with regards to how the company handles user data and also the privacy scandals, the company’s decision to launch the Portal home video device seemed really questionable. However Facebook attempted to playdown concerns by saying that the device doesn’t listen to, view, or keep the contents of your video calls.

Facebook Developing TV Camera For Video Calls And Streaming
It appears Facebook is about to get a lot more serious about hardware. Not long after it launched its Portal video calling devices, it’s being reported that the company is working on a TV camera which will allow users to make video calls using the biggest screen in their house. Not only that, the device may also enable users to stream content from Facebook Watch on their TV.

Facebook To Ban Voting Misinformation Ahead Of U.S. Midterm Elections
Facebook obviously does not want a repeat of what happened during the U.S. presidential elections. It has been taking steps in the run-up to the U.S. midterm elections to ensure that the spread of misinformation on its platform can be prevented. The company has said that it’s going to ban all misinformation related to voting ahead of the upcoming elections.

Facebook Removes Hundreds Of Accounts For 'Sensational' Political Content
Facebook has been taking extra care to ensure that its platform, which is the world’s largest social network, isn’t used for spreading misinformation. The platform’s role in the misinformation campaign during the previous U.S. elections has been called into question. Countries across the globe have also looked into how the platform could be used to undermine their democracies as well. To show that it’s serious about tackling these issues, Facebook […]

The FBI Is Now Investigating Facebook’s Security Breach
Towards the end of September, Facebook announced that they had experienced a security breach. The breach was said to have compromised about 50 million accounts and Facebook claims to have since addressed the issue. However in a post on its website, Facebook has shared additional details, including how the FBI has since gotten involved with the investigation.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out Support For 3D Photos
For a while now Facebook has supported the uploading of 360-degree photos and videos, where if viewed with a VR headset can create a VR experience. Now it looks like Facebook is setting its sights on a different kind of photo, this time 3D photos as the company has announced that they are rolling out support for it.

Facebook Groups Will Now Support 250-Person Chat Rooms
Back in the day, group chat platforms such as IRC were extremely popular, where users could get together in massive chat rooms and talk with each other. While group chats are still very much alive and well, they usually don’t scale up to the same level compared to back in the day, but it seems that Facebook might want to revive that trend.