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Facebook Will Promote Video More Prominently Inside News Feed
Facebook has gradually positioned video as a big part of the social network’s user experience and the company has now said that it’s going to promote videos more prominently inside News Feed. This means that it’s going to use the core Facebook feature to push its video offerings in order to compete more effectively with the likes of YouTube.

Facebook Testing Private Comments Features
If you’ve ever taken a look at a comments section on Facebook, you know that sometimes especially when it comes to hotly contested topics, that people can get rather abusive and attack others who do not share their opinion. While having a healthy debate can be conducive, sometimes these comments are anything but.

Facebook Lets Users Share Posts On Their News Feed Or Profile
When you post something on Facebook, it will show up in your profile and also your News Feed, where people who follow you or who are friends with you on Facebook can see it in their News Feed as well. However it appears that Facebook is testing out a way to allow users to better control where their posts show up.

Facebook’s Snooze Button Lets You Temporarily Mute Your Friends
We’re sure from time to time, you come across posts from your friends or Facebook Pages or People that you follow that can get annoying or obnoxious. Sure, there is the option of unfollowing them or unfriending them, but if you’d rather not go to those extremes, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Facebook has a happy middle solution: a Snooze button.


Facebook To Introduce Pre-Roll Ads For ‘Watch’ Videos
In recent times we’re starting to see Facebook introduce ads in its videos, where sometimes when you watch a video halfway, an ad will appear. So far the ads only appear mid-way through the video and never at the start, but apparently this is something that Facebook wants to change as they have announced plans for pre-roll ads.

France Looking Into Age-Of-Consent Rule For Facebook Users
Depending on where you’re from, there are different age restrictions for different activities. For example in some countries, you can drink when you’re 18, while other countries might require that you’re 21. The same can be said about signing up for online services, where users need to be of a certain age to be able to do so without parental consent.

Facebook Messenger Powered 17 Billion Video Chats In 2017
There was some concern about the future of Facebook Messenger when the social network decided to launch it as a standalone app a couple of years ago. Many were unsure about the direction that Facebook wanted to take with Messenger. It has since built Messenger into a bona fide cross-platform messaging service. 2017 has been a good year for the service as it saw the total number of video chats […]

Facebook’s Augmented Reality ‘World Effects’ Will Arrive On Messenger
By now it seems that Facebook has no qualms when it comes to copying some of Snapchat’s features. The company already borrowed features like Stories and brought it to apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, and now it looks like Facebook wants to borrow some augmented reality (AR) features as well.

Former Facebook Executive Says Social Media Is ‘Ripping Apart’ Society
Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are supposed to bring society closer, where thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can connect with each other. However according to former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya, he believes that social media is actually doing the opposite by “ripping apart” society.

Facebook Is Trying To Bring Back The ‘Poke’ Feature
Some of you guys might recall that very early on in Facebook’s life, there existed a “poke” feature, which basically lets you “poke” your friends to get their attention. That person in return can poke you back, and this would basically go back and forth until one person gets sick of it. We’re not sure if it served a bigger purpose, but Facebook wants to bring it back.

Facebook Launches Messenger For Kids With Pre-Approved Contacts
With kids these days being able to access smartphones, tablets, and social media, we’re sure that parents now have more dangers to worry about. Kids will be kids, but that doesn’t mean that parents can’t have a bit of control over their online activities, which is why Facebook has since launched a new app called Messenger Kids.

Australia To Investigate Facebook, Google Over Media Disruption
It is no secret that there are a handful of websites and services that dominate the web, like Google for search, and Facebook for social media. In turn this has resulted in many companies sort of forced to play by their rules, because getting deranked from Google could mean losing a significant chunk of your visitors.

Facebook To Eliminate Transaction Fees For Donations
There is a chance that every now and then, you might come across posts or pages on Facebook in which it asks if you want to donate to a non-profit organization. Given how much time people spend on Facebook, it’s not surprising that charities and non-profits are using Facebook to reach out to the masses.

Facebook Testing ‘Breaking’ Label For New Stories
When you scroll through social media, sometimes you might find certain news outlets you follow caption their posts with “BREAKING”. This is to indicate that a big piece of news just broke, which might be of interest to those who want to find out the latest news and follow it as the story develops.