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Facebook Replaces Messenger Day With Synced Stories
Facebook has created Snapchat Stories clones for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. The company decided to call this feature Messenger Day on its chat app for some reason. It has finally acknowledged the obvious redundancy and has decided to phase out Messenger Day. The feature will only be referred to as Stories from now on and posts will be synced across Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Essential 360 Camera Now Streams Live To Facebook
The Essential Phone is now capable of streaming 360-degree video to Facebook live. The company has sent out a camera software update for the handset that enables it to stream live 360-degree video to the world’s largest social network from the native camera app. However, in order to do this, Essential Phone owners need to have the Essential 360 Camera module as well. This won’t be possible without it.

Facebook Explains Their Controversial Revenge Porn Prevention Program
As it stands, Facebook has a method to help users who are facing revenge porn situations, where a disgruntled ex might have posted intimate photos in an attempt to humiliate/shame them. How it works is by users flagging the photo, and with photo matching technology, it will help prevent those photos from being uploaded in the future.

Facebook Messenger Plug-In Lets Business Integrate Chat On Their Websites
With Facebook being such a big part in our lives these days, it’s not surprising to see many businesses created Facebook Pages for their business/brand, where they can use it to announce new products, services, updates, and also interact with customers who can reach them by chatting with them on Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Testing Out New Ways To Counter Revenge Porn
Revenge porn is nasty business, where your former partner shares intimate photos of you in a public space like Facebook or Twitter in an attempt to shame or humiliate you, even if it means that they could go to jail for it. Now we’ve seen social media platforms introduce ways of reporting such incidents, but usually that’s only after it has already happened.

Facebook Messenger Payments Now Available In The UK And France
Facebook clearly wants its Messenger platform to be more than just an app for chatting. This is why they’ve introduced various tools and features to it in a bid to enhance its functionality. One of those features that was introduced was the ability to send money to your friends, something that was made available to users in the US for a couple of years now.

Facebook Has A Fake Or Duplicate Account For Almost Everyone In The U.S.
Facebook recently reported its third-quarter earnings and they exceeded market expectations. The company also quietly published two important figures that show that the fake or duplicate account problem on the world’s largest social network continues to grow. There are over 270 million fake and duplicate accounts on Facebook, that’s almost one for every person in the United States.

Facebook Bonfire Group Video Chat App Lands On Android
It was first reported earlier this year that Facebook was developing a standalone group video chat app called Bonfire. The app entered testing last month when Facebook released it on the Danish iOS App Store. The company is now expanding the test as the Bonfire group video chat app from Facebook has now been released for Android as well.

Zuckerberg 'Dead Serious' About Preventing Future Election Interference
Facebook recently revealed that the Russian disinformation campaign reached more than 120 million people in the United States ahead of last year’s presidential election. The campaigns were used to spread divisive views among voters in what had already proven to be a polarizing and charged election atmosphere. As the company continues to take steps to curb the spread of fake news on its platform and to impose additional disclosure requirements […]

Instagram Stories & WhatsApp Status Boast 300M Daily Active Users
Sometimes just because you are first to the market doesn’t mean that you will be successful. We’ve seen this happen many times where companies announce new groundbreaking features only to have them flop, but yet come to life again when someone else relaunches it as something else.

Russian Content Reached More People On Facebook Than Initially Reported
It’s widely believed that Russian operatives used Facebook to spread divisive views in the United States prior to the presidential election last year. Facebook initially reported that around 10 million users in the United States had seen ads that were purchased for this precise reason by accounts and pages linked to Russia. According to a new report, the Russian content may have reached a lot more people than originally reported. […]

Facebook Denies They’re Eavesdropping On You Through Your Phone’s Mic
We know that many of you guys have had conversations with friends in real-life, only to open Facebook or Instagram and suddenly you’ve been served up ads based on the topic that you were just talking about. Some might chalk it up to coincidence, but others believe that Facebook is somehow listening to you through your phone’s microphone.

Political Advertisers On Facebook Will Now Have To Disclose Identities
After months of reports that Russia used social networks to sway the public opinion in the previous U.S. presidential election, Facebook finally confirmed recently that at least ten million users in the United States saw Russia-linked political ads that spread divisive views. It’s widely believed that the ads helped widen the rift between the political sides during the elections. Facebook has since taken a number of steps to clamp down […]

Facebook Groups Gets New And Updated Features
If you’re on Facebook, there’s a good chance that you’re also part of a Facebook group. This group can be for just about anything, whether it be a group you created for you and your friends to share silly things without it being made public on your wall, whether it be about a group of local car enthusiasts, and so on.