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Facebook Temporarily Stops Advertisers From Excluding Racial Groups
One of the nifty features of Facebook is the ability to create posts and ads that can target certain demographics, making it easier to reach a variety of audiences without spamming the feeds of your friends or followers. However the company has come under fire in the past for what appeared to be discriminatory filters.

Facebook Might Ask You For Selfies If Suspicious Activity Is Detected
Facebook has reportedly built a new captcha tool which will ask users to “upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face.” This will help the world’s largest social network determine whether or not the user is actually human or just a bot. It’s testing this new captcha to improve its user verification features. The test does mention that Facebook will permanently delete the selfie from its servers once […]

Facebook's AI Will Now Detect Suicidal Posts Before They're Reported
Facebook has previously used artificial intelligence to surface suicide reporting options to friends of a troubled user. The technology helps detect users who might be in need of help and connects them to organizations and services that provide help. Facebook has now said that it’s going to use its artificial intelligence to detect suicidal posts before they’re even reported.

Facebook Messenger Cloning Streaks Feature From Snapchat
Facebook has a habit of cloning Snapchat features for its services. Take the Stories feature for example. Facebook has added ephemeral messaging and stories feature to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and even Facebook proper. It now appears to be cloning Snapchat’s streaks feature. The feature encourages friends to message each other daily to keep up their streaks.


Facebook To Notify Users If They Liked A Fake Russian Account
Recently there have been reports of how Russia is trying to influence events in the US by spreading propaganda through fake accounts on social media. Companies like Google have found Russia-linked ads across its services like YouTube, Google Search, and Gmail. They are not alone as Facebook has found similar ads on its social network.

Facebook Still Allows Advertisers To Discriminate By Race
It was first reported a year ago that Facebook enabled advertisers to decide who would see their ads based on “ethnic affinity.” Facebook doesn’t ask its users to dislose their racial identity but it does collect data and assigns preferences for content that is likely to appeal to people within an ethnic group. Facebook then offered advertisers the choice to target those users or avoid them altogether based on that […]

Facebook Messenger Gets Support For Up To 4K Resolution Photos
Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used cross-platform messaging services. It’s used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe daily to send messages, photos, and more. Facebook heard from the community that users would like the ability to send and receive high resolution photos in Messenger. It has followed through on the feedback and has now added support for up to 4K photos on Facebook Messenger.

Honda To Use Targeted Facebook Videos To Encourage Repairs
As you might have heard, a couple of years ago there was an issue with the Takata airbags installed in certain brands of cars, such as Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, in which they were forced to recall vehicles that have been outfitted with the airbags. Now clearly with such a dangerous defect, customers should send their vehicles in to get it looked at right away, right?

Facebook Testing VR Experiences In News Feed
Facebook opened up its platform to immersive video last year when it started supporting 360-degree videos. It has since been improving support for immersive video on the world’s most popular social network. Facebook has enabled livestreaming of 360-degree video on its platform and has even added this feature to its mobile apps. The company has now started testing virtual reality experiences in News Feed.

Facebook's New App Is For Video Creators
Facebook really wants people to use its platform for sharing videos and to that end, it has launched a new app that’s meant just for video creators. The app is called Facebook Creator and it has several features for updating Stories, streaming video, and even messaging people across different Facebook-owned platforms. Facebook describes the app as a “one stop shop for creators of all kinds.”

You Can't Delete Posts On Facebook's Desktop Web Version Anymore
Facebook regularly keeps making changes to its interface and features. It often tests out these changes quietly so unless they’re spotted by users, sometimes the changes can fly under the radar. The latest change hasn’t, though. Many users have discovered that Facebook no longer allows users to delete their own posts if they’re using the social network’s desktop web version.

Facebook Will Identify Real News Stories With Trust Indicators
Facebook has taken several concrete steps to prevent the flow of fake news on the world’s largest social network. The problem turned into a crisis during the U.S. presidential election. Facebook has since taken multiple steps to ensure that its platform is not used by any bad actors to spread false news, state-sponsored or otherwise. To that end, it’s now going to use trust indicators for real news articles.

Facebook Replaces Messenger Day With Synced Stories
Facebook has created Snapchat Stories clones for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. The company decided to call this feature Messenger Day on its chat app for some reason. It has finally acknowledged the obvious redundancy and has decided to phase out Messenger Day. The feature will only be referred to as Stories from now on and posts will be synced across Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Essential 360 Camera Now Streams Live To Facebook
The Essential Phone is now capable of streaming 360-degree video to Facebook live. The company has sent out a camera software update for the handset that enables it to stream live 360-degree video to the world’s largest social network from the native camera app. However, in order to do this, Essential Phone owners need to have the Essential 360 Camera module as well. This won’t be possible without it.