A fan that can read? Just what the heck is the world coming to these days? What you see above is the Airsketcher Robotic Fan that will feature a camera located right smack in the center of the fan, where said camera will be used to read various patterns that are printed on cards. Imagine a smart fan that is capable of tracking a particular person in the room, focusing all the airflow on said person wherever he/she is, even when walking across the room. To get a better idea on how the Airsketcher Robotic Fan works, check out the video after the jump.

To ensure that the target person remains cool at all times, the fan will align itself to the pattern which it will recognize using said camera. Whenever it fails to detect a particular pattern, it will just “look around” in a random manner, hence keeping the room cool at the same time. The moment it finds what it is looking for, it will lock down onto its target.

Needless to say, those patterns can also be used to offer control for various basic functions, and with the help of gestures, you too are able to control fan position, speed, and even turn it on and off. A button-free future does seem to be in the works, no?

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