Ford Announces Recall Of Its Hybrid & EV Wall Charging Cords

The drawback to electric cars and plug-in hybrids is that they require charging, which generally speaking takes longer compared to filling up a full tank of gas. Unfortunately it seems that even something as innocent as charging your car could be dangerous, or at least potentially so as Ford has announced the recall of its hybrid and EV wall charging cords.

Ford And Postmates Showcase Autonomous Delivery Vans

Autonomous driving technology will do more than just free us from driving our own cars. It will also transform many industries in the process and the logistics industry will certainly be one of them. Ford has shown us a glimpse of that future as part of its new partnership with delivery startup Postmates. They’re testing an autonomous on-demand delivery pilot program in Miami and Miami Beach, Florida with some 70 […]

iPhone Users Can Now Project Waze On Their Ford Dashboards

While CarPlay and Android Auto are some of the options that car owners have today, more often than not we see carmakers use their own infotainment systems. Sometimes these infotainment systems come with a built-in navigation app, but the only downside to such apps is that they aren’t always connected, which means that updated routes, changes to roads, traffic, and so on aren’t taken into consideration.

Ford Designs A Smart Window That Lets The Blind ‘See’

When we drive we sometimes take the view we can see outside the window for granted. For some of us we might instead choose to bury our noses in our phones (assuming you’re not the one driving), but it’s these small pleasures in life that we take for granted that others, such as the visually impaired, might not have the luxury to experience.


Ford To Stop Selling Most Of Its Cars In North America

Given how long Ford has been making cars, over the years they have built up a portfolio consisting of several models catered to different customers and uses. However it seems that the company is streamlining its portfolio considerably, at least as far as the North American market is concerned.

Ford Expands On-Demand Medical Transport Service

GoRide is an on-demand medical transport service by Ford and the company today announced that it’s expanding this service to Southeast Michigan. This new service is part of the company’s plans to develop new ride service businesses around its new Transit van. Ford has previously been testing this service with 15 vans and is now going to deploy 60 vans by the end of this year.

Ford To Launch Self-Driving Car Network ‘At Scale’ In 2021

Like many major car companies, Ford has heavily invested in self-driving car technology and it plans to launch a network backed by its fleet of autonomous cars in the near future. Ford has said that it plans to launch its self-driving car network in 2021 and that it’s going to make a purpose-built vehicle for that network. The company has said that it’s going to launch its service “at scale” […]

Ford Has Made A Car Vending Machine With Alibaba

Ford is exploring new methods of selling you cars and for the past couple of years, it has been toying with the idea of setting up giant structures which are essentially vending machines for cars. Ford has set up its first vending machine with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, it’s the execution of a partnership that the two companies entered into about two years ago.

Ford Moves The Car Dealership Online

You’re buying more and more of the things that you use online so why not cars? While there are countless online services that let you search for and buy used cars, Ford has now decided to put the car dealership online. It has launched a new online experience called Ready.Shop.Go. which it describes as a flexible, transparent online car shopping experience.

Ford’s Self-Driving Cars Are Headed To Miami

Ford is one of the many companies that are seriously working on the advancement of self-driving car technology. The company continues to run tests in order to further improve its service and to that end, it has now decided to test its self-driving cars in a new market: Miami. Ford has confirmed that it’s taking its self-driving service to the streets of Miami and Miami Beach.

2018 Ford EcoSport Will Come With Waze, Alexa Integration

While quite a few carmakers out there load their vehicles with their own mapping system (or use third-party services), it’s hard to compare those against the navigation systems found on our phones, such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and so on. This is because our mobile apps have the benefit of an internet connection, meaning that routes can be updated with real-time info.

Ford’s ‘Mach 1’ All-Electric Performance SUV Due In 2020

Ford unveiled a couple of new models at the North American International Auto Show, including a new Ranger pickup truck and Bullitt Mustang. The company has also teased a new car that it’s working on without giving away too much about it. Ford has teased the “Mach 1” at this event, the company says that it’s going to be an all-electric performance SUV that’s going to be launched in two […]

Waze In-Car Mapping Will Be Coming To Ford Cars With SYNC 3

[CES 2018] Depending on the carmaker and the infotainment unit you have chosen (or comes bundled) with your car, sometimes the mapping software on it might not necessarily be the most responsive, user-friendly, or updated, and sometimes using our phones with apps like Waze might actually be a better idea.

Ford And Postmates Will Deliver Orders Using Self-Driving Cars

[CES 2018] Ford is one of the many car manufacturers that are seriously working on self-driving car technology. The company is working with a variety of partners to test its technology in the field to find out how it can be used to power the future of mobility. The company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 that it’s teaming up with Postmates to deliver orders using self-driving cars.