[CES 2018] Depending on the carmaker and the infotainment unit you have chosen (or comes bundled) with your car, sometimes the mapping software on it might not necessarily be the most responsive, user-friendly, or updated, and sometimes using our phones with apps like Waze might actually be a better idea.

For those who do prefer using Waze for navigation, the company has announced during CES this week that their navigation system will be arriving on Ford vehicles with the SYNC 3 infotainment system by the end of the quarter. However it seems that this is only applicable for iOS users, and according to Waze it also marks the company’s first official in-vehicle integration for iOS devices.

According to Waze, “For all our Wazers out there who drive a Ford vehicle with SYNC 3, you’ll see a mirror image of your Waze app live on you car’s screen, and hear your favorite voice leading the way through your car’s sound system (hey there, Boy Band). This also means access to all your favorite features, from the trusty Waze Speedometer, to newer standouts like HOV route support, Spotify integration, and ‘Talk to Waze’ voice commands.”

Essentially all users have to do is plug their iOS device into the USB port of their Ford vehicle and they’ll be good to go. In a way it sort of mirrors Waze on your phone, but with more enhanced options as you’ll able to interact with car’s screen as well.

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