As it stands, there are several companies such as Google who are testing out their self-driving cars on the roads, and somewhat successfully too. However until the day comes where the majority of cars are self-driving cars, there is the potential for accidents as sometimes it can be hard to predict human driving behavior.


However Foxconn might have a solution for that: dedicated highway lanes for self-driving cars. In a report from the Journal Sentinel, it seems that Foxconn has recently proposed the idea of using one of the lanes on Wisconsin’s I-94 highway as a dedicated self-driving car lane. However it seems that it is far from being made a reality.

According to a spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Foxconn’s proposal is just one of many proposals on the table right now, so whether or not they actually go for it is another story, although admittedly it would be rather interesting to see implemented and could go a long way in seeing more self-driving cars put on the road.

As you might have heard, Foxconn has expanded its operations to the US, with the company’s $10 billion mega factory located in Racine County. It is expected to create up to 13,000 jobs which means that there could be a lot more commuting, as well as goods being transported back and forth, so perhaps the creation of a self-driving car lane could help keep things a bit more organized.

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