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Acer Allegro arrives in France
Acer’s first attempt at the Windows Phone platform is headed in the country that hosts the City of Love, France. It will come in the form of the Acer Allegro, which some of you might remember it as the Acer W4 as it was spotted at IFA 2011 in Berlin earlier this year. Too bad Acer did not go in with guns blazing, as the hardware specifications for the Acer […]

International iPhone 4S pre-orders shipping time slips to 1-2 weeks
Uh-oh, it looks like the iPhone 4S has already been plagued by shipment delays, at least for international customers. While the hardware specs of the iPhone 4S didn’t exactly wow the crowd at Apple’s iPhone event, there are still loyal fans out there and users with the iPhone 3G or 3GS who will see the iPhone 4S as an upgrade. So much so that when the clock struck 12am on […]

Amazon opens French Kindle Store
For those living in France and were looking forward to getting on board Amazon’s Kindle, the good news is that the company has finally opened a French Kindle Store, adding to the list of stores outside of the US. For those living outside of France, not to worry as the French Kindle Store will also cover those living in Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg and Switzerland.On top of that, Amazon will be […]

iPhone 5 to be launched 14th October in US, UK, France, Germany and Japan? (updated)
While the iPhone 5 has yet to be announced, many are already speculating about its launch date. The general consensus seems to be that the iPhone 5 will be announced in some time in October, although recent reports are suggesting that come this 4th October, the much awaited handset will be announced at an event which will be held at Apple’s Cupertino campus, but as far as launch dates are […]


French kids learn how to write with Twitter
When it comes to learning how to read and write, the traditional tools often involve a book, some paper, all the relevant stationery, with a teacher on hand to guide the student. Well, time changes things – and so does technology, which is why we have learned of pupils in a French primary school class making use of Twitter in order to learn both reading and writing. Hopefully as the […]

Sony Pictures France hacked
It’s been about 12 days since Sony’s last breach, and it looks like they’ll have to reset the intrusion counter. Sony has been reported as hacked again, this time it’s the Sony Picture’s French website. According to the report by Forbes, the website was hacked via an SQL injection vulnerability – the same method used to break into the other Sony websites. Ouch.  It’s either Sony didn’t have enough time/resources […]

Super large solar farms are a reality in France
France might be the country that depends on nuclear plants the most for its energy needs, but that doesn’t mean the country does not have a heart for the environment as well. A couple of projects launched in France might just be bigger than most of the other European utility scale solar projects, sporting a joint surface area of 89 acres, and boasting the capability of generating up to 18.2MW […]

The iPad 2 is capable of glasses-free 3D
Who would’ve thought that we’d see glasses-free3D on the iPad 2? Well thanks to some researchers at France’s Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group (EHCI), they’ve found a way to recreate the whole glasses-free 3D experience. The researchers developed a hack called the Head-Coupling Perspective which takes advantage of the iPad 2’s camera to track the position and movement of the tablet user’s head and adjusts the image onscreen accordingly. With […]

Guitar-PC won't let you play tunes, but lets you play Quake
In the exciting world of PC-case mods, it’s always interesting to see what sort of cases people can come up with. All the way in France, an avid PC modder by the name of Joss recently came up with one kick-ass PC case – made from a cheap guitar. He picked up an entry level Ibiza classical guitar, took it apart with a saw, and packed its internals with computer […]

HTC France confirmed EVO 3D for Europe?
According to HTC France in their latest tweet, it seems as though they mentioned, “You want an HTC EVO 3D for France? So do we! It’ll keep the same name, too. Release date has yet to be confirmed.” Could this mean the HTC EVO 3D has a GSM variety hidden away somewhere that no one knows about, or is it just HTC France attempting to do a little apple polishing […]

Wysips solar film technology gives your cellphones some extra juice
We recently covered a new patented technology for solar touchscreen frames from Greendix, and it looks like some folks in France have a similar idea. A French startup called “Wysips” showed off a special solar film during the CTIA. The solar film works like regular solar panels, except that this time, they’re transparent, and sit right on top of your phone’s display. This allows it to absorb sunlight whenever it […]

France fines Google for collecting personal data over Street View
If there’s one thing Google can’t seem to stay out of, it’s trouble with authorities. If they’re not being hounded by China to censor their search results, they’re getting fined by the CNIL from France. CNIL is an independent French administrative authority that governs the data privacy laws in the country. According to the latest reports from BBC, Google has been fined $142,255 (100,000 Euro) for accidentally picking up personal […]

Nintendo 3DS available earlier in France?
According to the folks at Akihabara News, some folks in France will be able to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS gaming console a few days before the official European release – if they have connections to the right people. It wasn’t mentioned why or how it happens, which is assumed to be for the protection of the people involved? But they’ve uploaded a few photographs of the French […]

Heat From Underground Subway Station To Power Homes In Paris
If you often take the train at the underground subway station during rush hour, you’ll probably have noticed that it’s incredibly hot and stuffy. The builders of a new housing estate in Paris have come up with a rather innovative idea to harness this waste heat and use it to generate energy for a low-income housing building located above the station. The high temperature in the station is a result […]

Motorola Droid X And Milestone 2 Arriving In France This Year
We’re already lucky enough to be enjoying the Motorola Droid X already, but if you’re over in France and are wondering when you’ll be able to get hold of the device, word is going around that the Motorola Droid X will be launched in France in November or December, with the Droid 2 to follow closely after that. According to rumor, the Droid 2 will be dubbed the Motorola Milestone 2, […]

Nexus One Shows Up On Bouygues Telecom Website
Folks who are currently in France won’t have to worry too much about getting hold of a Nexus One as Bouygues Telecom has now listed Google’s Nexus One on its site, making it the first French carrier to do so. Apparently Bouygues will be offering the phone bundled with various data plans, which means that there’s a high chance that the phone will be subsidized. The bad news is that […]

Nikon reveals countdown mystery
There has been a bunch of reports that came from France concerning a glossy mailing card which sports the number 8 in front alongside the text “I am…” on the back. This was followed up by a second card which was mailed out with then number 7 on the front and the text “I am fun” on the back. While there was no word “Nikon” available on those mailings, although […]

French Government Urges You To Skip Internet Explorer For The Moment
It seems like the issue of Google’s security breach in China might have some far reaching consequences, aside from the search giant planning to pull out of China, of course. It seems that after Germany, the French Government agency, Certa, has warned users against using Internet Explorer (IE) for the moment. You’ve always been recommended to move away Internet Explorer 6, but this might actually be a good time to […]

French retailers unhappy about eBooks success
Almost everybody looks to be welcome the wave of E-book readers, and there have been a great many of those little devices at CES 2010. Book retailers on the other hand, are rather unhappy about the whole issue, and it seems that book retailers in France are particularly unhappy about it all, as the 5 major French bookstore chains are ganging up and trying to set up a “national e-book […]

French get cheaper iPhones
The French have it good as they are going to get cheaper iPhones due to Orange’s iPhone exclusivity being brought to an end ealier this year. Word has it that Orange will reduce the price of its 16GB iPhone 3GS to a mere €59 from €149, while the iPhone 3G 8GB is going at a basement price of €19. Folks who want to pick up the iPhone 3GS 32GB will […]