We recently featured a german mechanic who built a motorcycle with the engine from an airplane, but this next cyclist certainly pushes the envelope as he rode a bicycle with a rocket.

French bicyclist François Gissy rode a hydrogen-powered rocket bike, reaching speeds of up to 263km/h, or around 163mph, at an abandoned runway located in Alsace, France. His top speed beat the previous rocket-powered bicycle world record speed of 242.6km/h, which was originally set in 2002. Unfortunately, his top speed did not beat the fastest cycling record of all time as Dutch cyclist Fred Rompelberg was able to reach a top speed of 268.8km/h.

We’re not sure which exactly is more impressive, a rocket-propelled bicycle or a motorcycle equipped with an airplane’s engine. What we do know is that these two men probably get bored very easily whenever they’re riding regular bicycles and motorcycles. We’re sure anybody would if they’re able to achieve the kind of speeds Gissy did on his hydrogen-powered rocket bike.

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