Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat – no sorry, scratch that – what it’s like to drink your words? Well if you have the time, patience and dedication that morskoiboy had, you may be able to. Apart from the novelty of being able to “drink” your words, you will also be able to have fun mixing various cocktails simply by typing them out.

Basically a liquid such as alcohol, milk or even water is attached to the top of the device, which acts as a neutral color liquid. The various tubes at the back are then attached to bottles of various colors, for example you could use rose syrup, or grape juice, or pink guava juice, or a bottle of Gatorade. As the liquid at the top flows (whose flow rate can be controlled), you then type in the various letters which will then draw out the liquid from the other bottles.

For example you could associate the letters on the “keyboard” (which are actually syringes) with its drink, like A for Apple juice, O for Orange juice, L for Lime juice, so on and so forth. By pressing the letters, the colors will then form into the various alphabets that you pressed in the white piece of plastic on the front, which a commenter on YouTube has amusingly referred to as an LCD – Liquid Cocktail Display.

It does not appear to be for sale, but if you want more detailed information on how it works, you can check out the video below for a demonstration or head on down to morskoiboy’s website for more details.

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