As much as I wanted to not enjoy Fun’s “We Are Young“, I have come to admit that it’s quite the popular song and I should just let the kids have their popular music and I’ll tap my finger to it every so often. How popular is We Are Young? Well, popular enough for someone to go through the trouble of having their old tech collecting dust in their garage have a crack at the song.


The video above features some hard disks, an HP Scanjet 3C and a Yamaha CX-5 working together to create quite the rendition of Fun’s We Are Young. With only three pieces of tech, the sounds they all produce are nearly spot on to the original song, with the hard drives being the most impressive to me as hearing a hard drive click usually means a terrible weekend for me and my computer.

Seeing as the video also has a skull in the background when the HP Scanjet 3C is jamming out, we feel it was a wasted opportunity to have a little fun with that and possibly have it perform some of the lead vocals. Old computer tech along with pieces of the human anatomy is the perfect recipe for a hit video.

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