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Comcast Expects To Provide Nationwide Gigabit Internet By 2018
Comcast is just one of the companies in the country that’s working to provide gigabit internet, there are other players in the field trying to capture a chunk of the super-fast internet access market, players like Google for example. One way these companies can get a leg up on their rivals is by expediting roll out to more cities across the country, Comcast knows this all too well which is why […]

Comcast 10Gbps Broadband Trial Starts Later This Year
Later this year Comcast is going to start a market trial of its new 10Gbps broadband service which will provide the aforementioned maximum download speed and maximum upload speeds of 1Gbps. The announcement was made by Comcast CEO Neil Smit earlier today, he said that the company is going to start this trial at sometime in Q4 2015.

Cox Gigabit Internet Arrives In More Cities
Multiple companies are hard at work to bring gigabit internet to residential users in the United States, even Google is taking part in this effort through its Fiber program. It’s up against behemoths like AT&T and Comcast who have steadily been rolling out their gigabit services in various markets across the country. Cox Communications is in the fray as well and today the company confirmed that its gigabit internet service is now […]

Comcast Bringing 2Gbps Fiber Internet To Northern California
Comcast has already announced the launch of its 2Gbps broadband internet service which not only provides speeds that are double than that of Google Fiber, but also provides a symmetrical connection, which means uploads speeds will match download speeds. Comcast has now confirmed that it will be launching this service in California, northern California to be precise, soon.


Comcast's 2Gbps Internet Service Puts Google Fiber In The Crosshairs
Google Fiber has been leading the gigabit internet charge in the United States. In some markets AT&T has been carrying the torch as well and now Comcast wants in on it as well. The cable giant today announced a new broadband service that will provide 2Gbps symmetrical connection, meaning uploads will be just as fast as downloads, and it’s double the speed that Google Fiber offers.

AT&T Brings Gigabit Internet To Kansas City
Kansas City is one of the few markets in which Google Fiber is available. Google’s gigabit internet service faces competition from the likes of AT&T which has now chased it into the Kansas City market. AT&T has announced that it is going to offer its GigaPower internet service, promising speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, in parts of Kansas City, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe and Overland Park.

New Google Fiber Cities Confirmed
Last week we reported that Google Fiber might soon be launched in four major metropolitan areas. Today a blog post from the company has confirmed the new Google Fiber cities. 18 cities across four major metropolitan areas that include Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham will receive the service. These cities were already part of Google’s proposed list of cities to which it could expand Fiber to.

NYC's Old Payphones Will Be Transformed Into Massive Gigabit Wi-Fi Network
A public-private consortium will be transforming the old payphones in New York City into Wi-Fi hotspots that offer gigabit internet speeds. This will become the largest Wi-Fi network of its kind in the world, both in terms of the sheer scale of the network, and the fact that it will offer access to superfast internet.

AT&T Will Bring Gigabit Internet To Silicon Valley
Gigabit internet services are slowly being rolled out across different cities in the U.S., no one company is offering a nationwide service as of now, that may take a while. AT&T is one of the few companies that’s working in this space and today it announced that its gigabit internet service will be launched soon in Silicon Valley, Cupertino to be precise, which we all know as Apple’s backyard.

Cincinnati Gets Gigabit Internet
A handful of companies are working in the U.S. to bring gigabit internet to households in various parts of the country however it is still not widespread. Google is one of those companies. The rollout of its Fiber gigabit internet service has been slow and is limited to few cities. Folks in Cincinnati won’t have to wait long to get access to gigabit internet though. Cincinnati Bell is launching a service of […]

Cox Gigabit Internet Rolls Out Later This Year
It will take some time for gigabit internet to reach every home in the country, however cable operators are putting in a lot of resources to bring it to the masses. Even Google has joined in on the action, offering gigabit-speed broadband to a handful of markets through Google Fiber. This year the Cox gigabit internet service is going to be rolled out. Cox Communications has committed to this schedule and the […]

Melrose Is Minnesota's First ‘Gigabit City'
Minnesota clocks up another Gigabit City in their books.

CenturyLink To Provide Gigabit Internet In Omaha
There’s no doubt that gigabit internet is definitely the future, and the FCC Chairman certainly likes it, as he wants to see gigabit internet in all 50 U.S. states by 2015. Google has been working extensively in this arena, it is currently in the process of rolling out its Fiber gigabit internet and TV service in multiple cities. Vermont already has a Fiber competitor offering super fast internet speeds for […]

Google Fiber Gets Competition In Vermont As $35-A-Month Gigabit Internet Launches
The Internet has been completely in love with Google Fiber ever since it was first announced a number of years ago as the promise of gigabit Internet is one we’re sure many of you are hoping to experience in your lifetime. But it looks like Google Fiber will finally be getting some competition in the gigabit Internet field as a Vermont telephone company has just announced they’ll be providing gigabit Internet, […]