WiGig Alliance logoFor all the gadget lovers always connected to the internet from any kind of device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV and soon the fridge), the network speed is a huge deal. Today, thanks to WiGig Alliance, we are very happy to announce that multi-gigabit wireless connection will soon be accessible from our most beloved next-gen gadgets. According to the WiGig Alliance (the info was provided during our briefing), the theoretical speed is 7 Gigabit per second!

I will spare you the uber-technical lingo that the WiGig Alliance is using to describe the “version 1.1 Mac/Phy Specification”, which is “a new multi-gigabit wireless specification, that is now certification-ready, and that addresses the requirements of interoperable solutions”.

Basically, this new certification will enable CE manufacturers to provide the following applications across multiple devices:
Instant Wireless Sync for IP based P2P applications, to exchange data between various devices (phones, laptops, cameras, PMPs and more)
– Wireless Display
: it allows connecting wirelessly any devices to a display and streaming HD content at a multi-gigabit speed
– Wireless I/O: WiGig could replace USB cables that connect many peripherals to computers
– Internet Access by keeping a compatibility with regular WiFi

A test event for WiGig Alliance members is planned for Q4 2011 and the WiGig specification is expected to roll out in the market sometimes next year.

For more info check the news section on the WiGig Alliance Website.

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