Love spending the weekends (and weekdays if you have the chance) at the green with your mates? You might want to bring along the Nikon Laser 1000A S laser rangefinder then if that is the case, leaving your wife to be a golf widow in common parlance. This unique Nikon device comes with a golf mode as well, displaying slope-adjusted distance in the viewfinder to give you an edge in your game, which is perfect if you’re still learning the ropes of a course. Of course, the Nikon Laser 1000A S will also display actual distance, height and horizontal distance. Features comprise of Active Brightness Control Viewfinder for easy, clear viewing, an orange LED display that will turn on automatically when it is used in darker situations and an automatically adjustable LED brightness setting. Perfect to help you approach a hilly slope on a course to assist you in lowering the number of your strokes.

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