Google Maps Will Now Surface Lime Scooters And Bikes For Transit

Electric bikes and scooters are increasingly being adopted as cheaper means of urban transportation in cities across the United States. They can help you get someplace where it would take you 15 minutes to walk in half the time. You may have to wait for much longer to catch the next bus or get a ride-share, so to plug that last mile, Google Maps will show scooters and bikes from […]

Google Maps ‘For You’ Feature Expands To iOS

One of the features of Google Maps is that it helps you find places that you need to go to, however for Google Maps users on iOS, it seems that Google has recently rolled out a new feature in the form of the “For You” tab. This is actually not a new feature and was available on Android, but now it has since expanded to iOS devices.

Google Assistant For Google Maps Is Now More Discreet

While not exactly a huge problem, one of the things that Google Maps could stand to be improved upon was its placement of Google Assistant, where before it was too obvious and could be considered slightly distracting. However that seems to have changed in a recent update which has made Google Assistant’s presence in Maps more discreet.

Google Maps ETA Sharing Extended To Bus And Train Journeys

Say you’re trying to plan a surprise party for a friend or family member, and you need to let your guests know that you are on the way back. One of the ways you can do so is by sharing your ETA with them, a feature which Google Maps had recently launched. However what if you weren’t driving? What if you were taking the bus or train?


Google Maps Reviews Now Support Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags are a quick and simple way for posts made on social media to be categorized. For example couples sometimes create their own hashtags when they get married so that when they browse Instagram, they can quickly locate photos taken at their wedding by friends and family.

Your Messages With Local Businesses Will Now Appear In Google Maps

Google allowed users in select countries to message businesses from the Business Profiles on Google. This allowed them to ask a business questions without having to make a phone call. It’s taking this one step further by displaying messages with the business you connect with through Business Profiles within the Google Maps app.

Google Maps Testing Crash & Speed Trap Reporting

One of the main differences between Google Maps and Waze, despite Google owning both of them, is that Waze comes with more detailed information that some drivers might find useful or important. For example Waze lets users report accidents so that drivers know which routes to avoid.

Google Maps ‘Follow’ Feature Lets You Track Your Favorite Places

Want to know if your favorite store is having a sale? Or want to know when a particularly hyped-up restaurant/cafe/bar is finally opening? Social media is generally a good place to find out that kind of information, but Google has since introduced a new way for you to get information about those kind of things.

Google Maps For iOS Brings Location & ETA Sharing

Sharing your location with mapping apps isn’t new, and for the most part usually this is a static feature meaning that you share your current location only, and if you were to leave it will not update. However the good news for iOS users is that if you wanted a more dynamic way of sharing your location, Google Maps has been updated to do just that.

Google Adds EV Charging Station Info To Google Maps

Searching and locating a gas station on Google Maps is pretty easy. However as we’re seeing more car owners make the shift towards electric or plug-in hybrids, it means that instead of searching for gas stations, these drivers are now searching for EV charging stations instead, which at the moment aren’t quite as ubiquitous just yet.

Man Catches Wife Cheating On Him Via Google Street View

We’ve seen how Google Maps, especially its Street View feature, capture some pretty funny and sometimes disturbing images. It is also pretty fun when you browse Street View and you see yourself or someone that you know, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case for a husband in Peru where through Street View, he caught his wife cheating on him.

Google Maps Gets New Features For Commuting And Music

Google is rolling out a couple of new features today to help make your daily commute easier. This will enable users to plan ahead and prepare for the inevitable disruptions that can disrupt their daily commute and add to the stress levels. It’s also adding music controls to the app.

Group Planning Feature Now Rolling Out For Google Maps

The other day it was reported that Google’s Decide with Friends feature was rolling out for some users. For those who weren’t part of that initial wave, you’ll be pleased to learn that the feature is now rolling out for everyone, as announced by Google on their blog in which they detail the feature which basically lets users plan outings and events in a group.

Google Maps ‘Decide With Friends’ Feature Rolling Out To Some Users

We’re sure many of us have organized outings and meetings with friends, but because everyone has different tastes and preferences, sometimes it can be hard to decide which bar to go to, which restaurant to eat at, and so on. Google is now making it easier by rolling out its “Decide with friends” feature.