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Latest Google Maps Update Isn't Sitting Well With Law Enforcement
Many of us are probably familiar with Google Maps, but in case you did not know, Google also owns Waze, another navigation app that more or less does the same thing. However, one of the main differences between both apps is that with Waze, it comes with crowd-sourced information, where users can report accidents, traffic jams, and even police checkpoints.

Apple’s Answer To Google’s Street View Is Now Live In New York City, Los Angeles
One of the defining features of Google Maps is Street View. This allows users to get a look at the area on a street level to try and locate shops and landmarks. However, it seems that Apple is ready to challenge Google with its own answer to Street View, also known as “Look Around”, a new feature in Apple Maps.

Google Maps To Get A Private Mode Soon
Google originally revealed that an incognito mode is in works for Maps at I/O 2019. However, there was no buzz about it later on, until now. Some of the members on the Google Maps preview test group confirmed that it is rolling out for testing, finally.So, not only can you hide your late-night burger exploration activities from Google, but you can also keep your rendezvous point safe – which is […]

Google Maps Solves Mystery Of A Man Gone Missing Over 20 Years Ago
There have been many instances in the past of people who have suddenly gone missing and disappeared seemingly without a trace. That was the case with Wiliam Earl Moldt, who back in November 1997, went missing. The initial reports revealed that Moldt had called his girlfriend at 9:30PM at night, letting her know he would be leaving the club soon and heading home.


How To Use Google Maps Offline
Google Maps is one of the more widely-used navigation apps around at the moment. It’s useful when you’re in another country trying to find your way about, and this guide on how to use Google Maps offline will no doubt come in handy if you find yourself without internet.

Google Maps Will Display Real-Time Bikesharing Information In 24 Cities
Bikesharing has become very popular in recent years as more people are preferring this mode of travel particularly when they don’t have to buy a bike because they only need it sparingly. There are more than 1,600 bikeshare systems and over 18 million shared bikes in major cities across the globe. Ever willing to make transport easier for users, Google Maps will now start listing real-time bikesharing information for 24 […]

How To Turn On The Google Map Speedometer
If you use Google Maps frequently while you’re driving, then the built-in speedometer feature could be useful, and here’s how you turn it on.

Google Maps Can Tell You How Crowded Your Train Might Be
Google Maps is a great resource for finding transit directions and it will also tell you how long it will take you to reach your destination. What it could tell you was just how crowded your train or bus ride was going to be. Google is rolling out a new feature today which will predict crowdedness for transit options.

Google Maps Suggests Detour, Leaves 100 Drivers Stuck In Empty Field
Google Maps works very well nine times out of ten. It can tell you how much time it will take to get from your point of origin to your destination, which route you should take to get there, and what the traffic is like on the way. Rare as they may be, it can make a mistake, as almost 100 drivers in Colorado found out when they took a detour […]

New Report Suggests Google Maps Could Be Filled With Millions Of Fake Business Listings
One of the things people love about Google Maps is that it has business listings. This means that in addition to being able to pin down the location of a store you want to visit, it can provide additional details like a link to its website, a phone number, operating hours, and of course, reviews about the store and its services.

Apple Maps’ Look Around VS Google Maps’ Street View
When it comes to navigation applications, Apple Maps has typically played second or even third fiddle to other apps such as Google Maps. This is due to the various missteps that happened during the app’s launch several years ago, resulting in at least one Apple executive being let go, and with Apple’s CEO issuing an apology and even recommending iOS users use other apps while they sort it out.

Google Maps Will Now Warn You If Your Taxi Goes Off-Route
Taxi drivers taking the long way to your destination in order to drive up the fare is one of the oldest scams in the book. Sure, you may be able to catch them in the act when you’re in your own city, but not when you’re visiting someplace you’ve never been before. So it’s always a good idea to have your route mapped out in Google Maps even when you’re […]

Google Maps Will Now Show The Current Vehicle Speed
It’s actually kind of odd that Google has two completely separate navigation apps. The company has Google Maps and Waze, both of which share similar features and functions, but yet for years on end, both apps have existed separate of each other. However, it seems that Google could be close to bringing them together.

Google Maps Will Now Tell You About A Restaurant's Best Dishes
Imagine you have used Google Maps to search for a good restaurant. It has shown you the reviews for that place and also provided navigations for you to get there. Could it do a bit more for you or should it just leave you to decide what to order? Google feels it should be the former. That’s why the company has added a new feature to Google Maps which will […]

Google Maps Speed Camera Alerts Are Rolling Out To More Countries
We should definitely be obeying the laws of the road all the time, but sometimes, we get it, it can’t be helped where an open road with no cars makes it very tempting to put pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, speed cameras are the bane of many a fast driver out there, but Google Maps has tried to solve this problem with speed camera alerts.

Google Search, Maps, Assistant Will Soon Let You Order Food Directly
One of the things Google has been working on over the years is to make its products and services easy to use and indispensable. What we’ve seen Google do is try to make all kinds of information readily available right from the jump, thus saving users precious time when they are browsing the web.

Incognito Mode Will Soon Be Available In Google Maps
Google introduced Incognito Mode in its Chrome browser a long time ago. It pauses browsing history so any website you visit in that mode isn’t logged in the history. It also won’t link any of the data generated during the browsing session to your Google account. The company has been expanding Incognito Mode to more of its services and has confirmed today that it will soon be available in Google […]

Google Maps Will Now Show If An EV Station Is In Use
It has already been possible to search for the location of electric vehicle chargers in Google Maps but there was no way to telling if the station would be free or in use when you eventually got there. It would have been better if this information was available within the Google Maps app itself. Now, it will be. Google Maps has started showing if an electric vehicle charger is free […]

Google Maps Now Lets Users Report Traffic Slowdowns
Google owns both Google Maps and Waze, and it seems almost counterintuitive for the company to own two different navigation apps, however, there are some clear differences between the two. Waze focuses more on driving and also crowdsourced data, where users can submit reports such as traffic slowdowns, road blocks, accidents, and more.

Google Maps Letting Some User Create Public Events
Google Maps is useful when it comes to finding nearby bars, restaurants, and interesting places. Now it seems that users will soon be able to add public events that are happening in the area. According to a report from Android Police, it seems that Google has started to allow users to create public events.