Google Maps For iOS Can Now Show Restaurant Wait Times

Google Maps for iOS has received a new update today which bumps up the app to version number 4.47 and brings it in line with its Android counterpart. A couple of new features are included in this release, such as more transit details as well as a very handy feature which shows wait times for more than a million sit-down restaurants across the globe.

Google Maps Adds Wheelchair Accessible Routes In Transit Navigation

Sometimes we take our legs for granted, where any road or path is pretty much accessible as long as we are willing to walk. However this is a completely different story for those who are in wheelchairs, where certain architectural choices might make it difficult for them to access which can be annoying and a time-waster.

Nintendo & Google Partner Up To Bring Mario Kart To Google Maps

Tomorrow will be the 10th of March, and for most people this will be just another day. However for fans of Nintendo’s Mario franchise, you might know that tomorrow is also known as Mario Day, or rather because the 10th of March can also be written as MAR10 (Mario). To celebrate this, Google and Nintendo have teamed up for something special.

Google Maps Could Soon Let Users Share Their Battery Status

Imagine you’re out and your phone is running low on battery and you don’t have a charger handy. You could send a message to your family or friends to let them know you might soon be unreachable, and you could also share your location in case they want to know where you are or where you’re going to be.


Lightweight Google Maps Go App Available In Beta

Google announced Android Go last year, it’s a lightweight iteration of its Android OS that’s meant for devices with low-end hardware. Google is also going to back it up with Go-exclusive native apps which will also be lighter and less resource hungry. We’ve already seen Files Go and Google Go apps and now we can finally get our hands on the lightweight Google Maps Go app. The official Android Go […]

Google Denies Creating A China-Specific Version Of Google Maps

While Google Maps is available on the desktop in China, accessing it via your mobile device through its app isn’t. Presumably this might have to do with China’s censorship of the internet and trying to encourage residents to rely on local services and products, rather than turn to their western counterparts.

Google Maps Can Now Tell You When To Get Off The Bus/Train

Google Maps is great for public transport directions, like in countries such as Japan where it can tell you which train to take, where to change trains, and so on to get to your destination. However sometimes when you’re in a foreign country or an area you’re unfamiliar, sometimes these directions aren’t enough.

Two-Wheeler Mode Introduced To Google Maps

Just last month, Waze introduced an update that brought about motorcycle mode that was aimed at motorcyclists. Given that Google owns Waze, we suppose it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Google will be bringing that feature over onto Google Maps, although it should be noted that the feature will be launched in India first.

Google Maps Updated With iPhone X Support

At a glance the iPhone X might seem physically smaller compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, and it is, don’t let its size fool you because it actually packs a larger display, and also a higher display resolution, which means that if you’re noticing how some apps might not look as crisp as you’d like, it’s probably because they haven’t been updated with support for the higher resolution yet.

Google Gives Google Maps A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Over the years we’ve seen how Google has improved upon Google Maps by introducing various new features to it, such as telling users when is the best time to drive to avoid traffic, reminders of where they parked their car, and so on. Now it looks like Google has brought about one of the biggest changes to Google Maps by giving it a brand new look.

Google Maps Kills Off Calorie Counter Feature After Backlash

Gadgets like fitness trackers and smartwatches can help track our biometrics like the amount of calories burnt during the day or during a workout. So the question is, wouldn’t it be much more convenient if calorie tracking were built into an app instead of a gadget? That way anyone who owns the app would be able to know without the need for a separate device.

Google Maps Now Supports Video Reviews

As much as Google would love to be able to do everything themselves, it would be impossible, which is why for services like Google Maps, the company has typically relied on their community to help fix any errors and to provide additional information, such as photos and reviews about places.

Picture-In-Picture Mode For Google Maps Rolling Out Soon

One of the things about using apps like Google Maps is that they are full screen apps, meaning that if you were to minimize it or exit it, you would lose visual navigation, although if you enabled audio cues then you might still get audio alerts. This is where picture-in-picture mode comes in handy, and the good news is that Google Maps will be getting that feature soon.

Latest Google Maps Beta For Android Adds Q&A Section

Say you’re planning to go to a club, bar, or restaurant, and you’re wondering about the dress code, but for some reason the venue’s website doesn’t actually tell you. You could always call to check, do a search online, or in the case of Google Maps, it seems that you could pose a question and have others answer it for you.