When it comes to navigation applications, Apple Maps has typically played second or even third fiddle to other apps such as Google Maps. This is due to the various missteps that happened during the app’s launch several years ago, resulting in at least one Apple executive being let go, and with Apple’s CEO issuing an apology and even recommending iOS users use other apps while they sort it out.

Apple Maps has indeed come a very long way since, and during WWDC 2019, the company announced that one of the changes they’ll be making to the app is with the introduction of a new feature called Look Around. Many had initially likened it to Google Maps’ Street View, and now thanks to a comparison video by WordPress developer Reüel van der Steege, he has compared both features side-by-side.

We have to say that despite Apple being very late to the game with Look Around, it seems to offer up a much smoother experience compared to Street View. Now, this is only a snippet of the feature and what we can expect, so we have no idea if on a grander scale, how it might fare against Google’s more established Street View.


However, as we said, it does look a lot smoother when you’re trying to pan around. Instead of Street View’s transition which feels like you’re going at warp speed, Look Around moves very naturally like you’re actually there driving past. Look Around is currently part of the iOS 13 beta with the update expected to be released in the later part of the year.

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