Google Will “Pay” You To Use Android Pay

Back in November Google announced that for every $1 you spent using Android Pay, they would donate some money to a charity. In case Google’s altruistic gesture wasn’t enough to convince you to start using Android Pay, what if we told you that there is now something in it for you as well, besides the feeling of having done some charity? Google’s latest Android Pay promotion involves giving you money, […]

Google Play Books Updated With Night Light Feature

If you’ve ever tried using your smartphone in the dark, like when you’re in the cinema or if it is at night and the lights are off, you know how glaring your screens can be. What would have been considered a boon in the day now seems to be hurting your eyes at night, especially if you’re trying to read websites or your e-books. Now if you typically get your […]

Project Fi Supports Tablets And Internet-Only Devices

Google’s very own mobile network, Project Fi, was announced in April earlier this year, and here we are with some updates on it. A Project Fi support page for tablets and “other compatible devices” has already gone live earlier today, where far more details concerning it has been shared. With this in mind, does it mean that Project Fi is about to be launched officially? Let us keep our fingers […]

Google Maps Update For iOS Brings Offline Navigation

Recently an update to Google Maps for iOS introduced the gas price feature. Basically this allows users to find out the prices of gas that different gas stations are offering, thus allowing you to pick the cheapest one that might be closest to you. However it seems that is not all Google had introduced. While the changelog on the iTunes App Store did not make any mention of offline mode, […]


Japan-Exclusive Gold Nexus 6P Could Be Arriving Stateside

When the Nexus 6P was officially announced by Google for the US market, it was revealed that there were three color options that customers could choose from which includes an aluminum finish, graphite, and frost. However recently in Japan it was revealed that the country would be getting an exclusive gold Nexus 6P.

Inbox By Gmail Now Lets You Share Trip Bundles

For those unfamiliar, Inbox by Gmail is basically Google’s attempt at trying to “fix” email. The idea is to help you keep your inbox clean so that when new and important emails come in, they won’t be lost in a sea of read/unread messages. It also sorts out your emails by category, like finance, purchases, and etc. Earlier this year Google introduced Trip Bundles to Inbox by Gmail and basically […]

Google Play Music Updated Sports Notification Panel Rating

Google is constantly on the lookout to improve their services, and hence it is no surprise that Google Play Music has been updated – and this time around, it will come with a notification panel rating. It does not matter whether you have a really large music library, or if you just like to go through the most recent releases, you will have a smile on your face when you […]

Google Introduces Shared Albums To Google Photos

If you use Google Photos to store and backup your photos, but you would also love to be able to share those photos with friends and family members, Google has recently issued an update to Google Photos in which they are introducing a new feature in the form of Shared Albums. As the name implies, this is feature where you can create albums that you can share with others. According […]

Google’s iOS App Updated With 3D Touch, Multitasking Support

With the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple introduced new features like 3D Touch, and with iOS 9 and for Apple’s newer iPads, a new feature was also added in the form of multitasking, something that iOS users have been begging Apple for for years, and something that the Cupertino company has finally delivered. That being said, the good news is that if you are using Google’s […]

Pixel C Was Apparently Never Meant To Run Android

Back in September, Google took the wraps off the Pixel C Android tablet. It was an interesting naming choice considering that the Pixel brand seemed to reserved for Google’s Chrome OS, while the Nexus brand was for Android devices as we have seen in the past with the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and etc. However it seems that there might have been a reason why the Pixel C was named […]

Huawei Tipped To Make 2016’s Nexus With Snapdragon 820 [Rumor]

Several months ago Google and Huawei announced the Nexus 6P. This is one of the two latest Nexus handsets launched, and it also marks the first time that Huawei has ever made a Nexus handset. That being said we have seen Google turn to the likes of Samsung and LG multiple times in the past, so is Huawei’s Nexus experience a one-time encounter or could there be more? According to […]

You Can Now Save Google’s Image Search Results

More often than not we turn to Google’s image search results when trying to look for particular images online, and sometimes we also like to save those images we find onto our phone. However unless you’re really meticulous about organizing your images, chances are eventually that image will get lost in a sea of photos and pictures as time goes on. However it seems that Google has come up with […]

Split Screen UI In The Works, Possibly For Android N

Given that we already have Android M which is Android 6.0 Marshmallow, we can only assume that the next Android build will be Android N, but more importantly what kind of features might we be able to expect from the next major build of Android? We suppose anything’s possible right now, but a recent Reddit AMA with the Pixel C team has revealed one potential feature. The Google Pixel C […]

Yahoo Mail Will Now Let You Manage Your Gmail

In today’s day and age, it is not surprising that many of us have more than one email account. We might have one for personal, one for work, and there are even some who have email accounts that they use just to sign up for services so their work and personal emails don’t get spammed by newsletters and whatnot. That being said if you’re the type that uses multiple services, […]