Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, GMail, Google Docs or Google Map, and it has also made a very successful entry into the mobile handset market with its Android mobile operating system. The company was created in 1998 and went public in 2004. Google is one of the most visited site in the world.

Alphabet’s AI-Powered Chrome Extension Will Hide Toxic Comments
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit face toxic comments everyday, and unfortunately it is rather difficult to try and put a stop to. If you’re the type of person who’d rather not have your day sullied by toxic comments, then perhaps Tune might be a Chrome extension worth checking out.

Google’s Allo Will Be Officially Shutting Down On The 12th Of March
Last year Google announced and confirmed that they would be shutting down its Allo messaging service in March of 2019. The company did not mention when in March, but if you were to surf on over to its website, a banner at the top of the page states that the shut down will occur on the 12th of March, which is today.

Android Q’s Developer Preview Could Be Released Soon
From what we know about Google’s release habits, they typically release a developer preview for Android early in the year. This will later be followed by an official announcement at Google I/O where they detail some of the features and changes we can expect, and then a full release in the later part of the year.

Microsoft Launches Revamped Skype For Web, Only Works In Edge And Chrome
Accessing Skype through the web isn’t exactly new. However Microsoft has since launched an updated and revamped version of the chat client where if you’re using a computer without Skype installed, you’ll still be able to access some of its features through your browser. However there is a catch.


Google's Game Streaming Service Might Get Its Own Controller
Project Stream is a cloud-based game streaming service that Google is working on. The service would allow players to stream top titles without requiring any powerful consoles or gaming rigs. The company hasn’t launched it as a full-fledged service as yet but if it does, it may offer a dedicated game controller for it as well.

Google’s Smart Displays Get Continued Conversations
In the early days of digital assistants, whenever you wanted to ask the digital assistant something new, you’d have to launch it again. This is very unnatural because in real life, do you keep calling out your friend’s name whenever you have a conversation? Chances are you don’t, which is why many digital assistants still feel quite unnatural even until this day.

Chrome’s Offline T-Rex Is Now Available As A Cute Toy
We’re sure many of you have encountered the “offline” page in Google’s Chrome browser in the past. This occurs when you aren’t connected to the internet and are trying to load a website. The cute mascot representing this offline page is a pixelated dinosaur where users can actually activate a hidden game which is an endless runner where the goal is to avoid running into the cactus plants.

Google Chrome For Android Testing A Tabs Toolbar At The Bottom
Managing your open tabs on a desktop browser such as Chrome is pretty easy. Due to the fact that our laptops and desktops usually have much bigger displays, the extra screen real estate allows us to view tabs easily. This is, unfortunately, a different experience on mobile where trying to switch between tabs can be a bit tricky and inelegant.

Gboard’s Handwriting Recognition Feature Now Makes Less Mistakes
Handwriting recognition can be a bit tricky as the system would need to be able to recognize various styles of handwriting. As we all have different styles, some of which can be messier than both, it is understandable that existing handwriting recognition systems can make mistakes every now and then.

Music Streaming Services Are Fighting Royalties Increase
Royalties are one of the several ways that musicians earn money through their music. This is why it was a big deal when Apple initially refused to pay musicians royalties during the three month trial period of Apple Music. This essentially meant that musicians had to work for “free” during those three months.

Confidential Mode For Gmail G Suite Users Coming Soon
Last year Google announced that together with its Material Design for Gmail, they would also be introducing a Confidential Mode to its email platform. Basically with emails sent using Confidential Mode, it prevents the email from being copied, downloaded, printed, or forwarded, thus ensuring that the conversation stays between users.

Microsoft Yet To Issue Patch For Windows 7 Exploit Reported By Google
Google regularly reports serious vulnerabilities that it discovers across different platforms. It recently reported two zero-day vulnerabilities, those that were previously unknown publicly, one affecting its Chrome browser and the other affecting Windows 7. The company mentioned that both of them were being exploited together. Google has released an update for Chrome to patch the exploit but Microsoft is yet to send out an update.

Pixel 3 And Pixel 3 XL Now Accepted By Google's Mail-In Repair Center
Even though it has been almost five months since Google released the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the company’s mail-in repair center did not accept the new devices. This would make it difficult to get the device repaired from the company were it to get damaged. That finally changes today as the company’s mail-in repair center now accepts Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Google Is Rewarding Users With In-App Items For Watching Ads
These days in-app purchases are a pretty common feature to see not just in games, but other apps as well where it could come in the form of unlocking additional features or purchasing a subscription to a service. These in-app items aren’t free, but if you’d rather not spend money on it, Google has a way.