Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, GMail, Google Docs or Google Map, and it has also made a very successful entry into the mobile handset market with its Android mobile operating system. The company was created in 1998 and went public in 2004. Google is one of the most visited site in the world.

Android Q Could See Google Ditch The Back Button
One of the features that Android devices have over iOS devices is the “back” button. This is actually a pretty useful feature where users can use it to navigate websites, navigate menu settings, and more. However it seems that come Android Q, there is a chance that Google could be ditching the feature.

A Chrome Bug Is Preventing Extensions From Working Properly
While Google’s Chrome browser is a pretty good browser by itself, however with the support for extensions, it has allowed users to customize their browser experience by installing ad blockers, password managers, privacy protection, and so on. However, it appears that a recent Chrome bug has resulted in extensions not working for users.

New Chrome OS Bug Causes High CPU Usage
Google’s Chrome OS is meant to be a relatively lightweight operating system compared to the likes of Windows or macOS. This is why for the most part, Chrome OS laptops and computers don’t really sport particularly high-end specs which helps keep their prices relatively low as well. However recently there was a bug that sort of changed that.

Google’s Changes To API For Chrome Extensions Leads To Public Outcry
Thanks to Google launching an API for Chrome which would allow developers to create their own extensions for the browser, it has led to the development of extensions such as ad blockers. There is a bit of gray area when it comes to ad blocking, where some believe that it is wrong, while others claim that the creation of intrusive ads has forced their hand.


This Extension Helps You Learn A New Language While You Watch Netflix
Learning a new language can be fun, but we imagine that attending classes or reading a book can be a bit boring. However there is some good news for those looking to learn a new language. There is a Chrome extension which when installed, will help users learn a new language while watching their favorite Netflix show.

Google Makes It Harder For Sites To Detect Chrome’s Incognito Mode
One of the main reasons behind Google Chrome’s Incognito mode is to allow users to browse the web in private, where their information will not be saved by the browser, and that certain identifying information about the user won’t be shared with websites. This is done by logging users out of their accounts such as Facebook, Google, and so on.

Chrome Will Soon Let Users Share Links To Specific Sections Of Websites
Sharing a link to a website is pretty easy and straightforward. You copy the URL, paste it in whatever chat or medium you want, and you’re good to go. However what if there is only a specific section of a website that you want to share? How would you go about doing that? Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way for now, but that could change.

Google Pixel 3 Camera ReviewEditor's Pick
The Google Pixel 3 smartphone is often acclaimed as “the best phone camera” thanks to its near-legendary software stack. Legend or reality, our Image Quality (IQ) analysis will shed more light into real-world camera performance.Learn more: what is our Camera IQ score?

Gmail Rolling Out A More Functional Right Click Menu
The problem that some websites and web apps face is that for the most part, they still exist within the browser which means that certain things, like right-clicking, can be limiting. This was a “problem” that Google’s Gmail service had faced, where right clicking in Gmail wasn’t a particularly useful feature.

Gboard For iOS Updated With Haptic Feedback Support
One of the downside to onscreen keyboards is that they lack the same tactile feedback that a normal physical keyboard has. This makes typing on it a bit tricky and can be annoying when trying to type out long-form posts. However if you’re a Gboard user on iOS, the latest update to the app should help improve the typing experience.

India To Investigate Google For Monopolistic Practices With Android
One of the drawbacks to being such a huge company with a product used by people all over the world is that sometimes it can lead to legal issues. Take for example over in India where recently Indian regulators have decided to launch an investigation into the company for alleged monopolistic practices regarding Android.

Virtual Desktops Are Coming Soon To Chrome OS
Chrome OS has typically been viewed as a “lightweight” operating system aimed at students and users who don’t really need much from their computers except for some productivity work and surfing the web. However if you love Chrome OS and wouldn’t mind to see it get more robust features, you’re in luck.

Google’s Wear OS Only Accounts For 12% Of The Smartwatch Market
While Google might be enjoying massive success with its Android mobile platform, the same cannot really be said about the company’s attempts with wearables, where based on the latest figures by NPD, it seems that Wear OS only accounts for 12% of the smartwatch market, leaving the rest of the pie to other companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit.

Google Has A Bunch Of New Devices Planned For 2019
We know that Google will be launching new Pixel smartphones this year, and now according to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, they have detailed the hardware that Google could be launching this year which includes the Pixel smartphones, a budget Pixel smartphone that we have been hearing about for a while now, a new Google Home, and the Pixel Watch.