Google is an Internet Search company with profits mainly derived from its AdWords advertising program. Google is also known for other high-profile web-related products such as Chrome, GMail, Google Docs or Google Map, and it has also made a very successful entry into the mobile handset market with its Android mobile operating system. The company was created in 1998 and went public in 2004. Google is one of the most visited site in the world.

Android’s FIDO2 Certification Could Mean A Passwordless Future
Right now passwords still rule the majority of our apps online services. While passwords are still very much functional, they do present certain problems like forgetting them and also the possibility of someone else guessing or figuring out your passwords, thus giving them access to your accounts.

Apple Music Integration Could Be Coming To Google Home
The problem with Apple’s walled garden approach is that it makes it hard to buy outside products and accessories. Take for example speaker systems such as Sonos where at the start, Apple Music was not supported (it is now). While you could stream it through Bluetooth, it wasn’t integrated the same way as other services such as Spotify.

Google Expands Android Digital Wellbeing Tools To More Phones
Google introduced Digital Wellbeing tools for Android last year in a bid to help users better manage the time that they spend on their devices. The company initially kept these tools limited to its Pixel smartphones and devices on the Android One program. That’s going to change now as Google is making the tools available to other devices.

Google Wants To Bring Assistant To Android Messages
We’ve seen how Google has been slowly introducing Google Assistant to its various apps and services, such as Google Maps. Now it seems that Google is expanding Assistant’s availability to Android Messages where it will enhance the chatting experience through features such as movie suggestions, restaurants, and the weather.


Google Wants To Put Dedicated Google Assistant Buttons On Phones
When Samsung introduced a dedicated Bixby button on its smartphones, many users were initially ticked off by it simply because they could not remap it. Now it seems that Google wants something similar as well because at MWC 2019, Google has announced that several Android handset makers will be launching phones with dedicated Google Assistant buttons.

Chrome Will Soon Let Users See Extension Activity
Have you ever wondered what your Chrome extension does while it is running? A recent study has found that a whopping 85% of extensions do not have a privacy policy and that more than a few are using third-party libraries that have known vulnerabilities. This means that extensions could be hijacked or running rogue without our knowledge.

Google Maps Will Now List Drug Disposal Sites To Fight The Opioid Crisis
Google Maps is pretty handy when it comes to users searching for restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, and so on. Now in a bid to help fight the opioid crisis, Google has announced that Google Maps and Search will start to list disposal sites where users will be able to safely dispose of their medication or drugs.

Google I/O Registration Now Open, Will Cost $1,150 For A Ticket
Google I/O 2019 will be kicking off in the next few months and we expect that Google will more than a few announcements, such as a new version of Android, updates to Chrome OS, new products and services, and so on. It is definitely an event to look out for, but in case streaming the event live from the comfort of your own home isn’t good enough, how about purchasing […]

Study Finds 85% Of Chrome Extensions Do Not Have A Privacy Policy
Google’s Chrome extensions are pretty useful where they can block ads, manage passwords, save articles for offline viewing, shortcuts, and more. However it seems that an unfortunate number of Chrome extensions actually lack a privacy policy, according to a study by Duo Lab (via Engadget).

Gmail’s Redesign Is Rolling Out To All Android Users
Earlier this year Google announced that they would be launching a new design for its Gmail app on mobile devices. For those who have been anticipating the update, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has confirmed to Engadget that the update is now being rolled out to all Android users as we speak.

Google Says Nest Secure's Secret Microphone Was 'Never Supposed To Be A Secret'
Google announced earlier this year that it was bringing its Assistant to the Nest Secure home security and alarm system. Many of you will be well aware that you require a device with a microphone to get the most out of the Assistant. There was only a tiny little problem: Nest Secure owners didn’t know that their device had a microphone in the first place. Google has now said that […]

Google Keep Note-Taking App Arrives For The Apple Watch
When the Apple Watch was first launched, many companies were quick to launch support for it. However as time passed, companies started to pull support for their watchOS apps, Google included. The good news is that it looks like Google has started making apps for the Apple Watch again.

Google To Reveal More About Game Streaming Service Next Month
It’s no secret that Google has been working on a game streaming service of its own called Project Stream. It has even conducted trials as it seeks to better figure out how it can provide the most value with a game streaming service. Google has been light on the details but that might change next month. It has scheduled an event at the Game Developers Conference in March where we […]

Android Q Could See Google Ditch The Back Button
One of the features that Android devices have over iOS devices is the “back” button. This is actually a pretty useful feature where users can use it to navigate websites, navigate menu settings, and more. However it seems that come Android Q, there is a chance that Google could be ditching the feature.