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GoPro Launches ‘TradeUp’ Program, Will Accept Any Camera
GoPro really wants you guys to buy their cameras, so much so that the company has recently launched its “TradeUp” program. As it name suggests, this is pretty much a trade-in program (except that GoPro is framing it like you’ll be upgrading your camera) that will accept any old camera that will go towards the purchase of a new GoPro.

Xiaomi Reportedly Considering Buying GoPro
Earlier this year it was reported that GoPro had put itself up for sale. It seems that the company isn’t doing so well and is looking to sell itself off. However what’s interesting is that according to a report from The Information (paywall; via Bloomberg), one potential candidate to buy GoPro comes in the form of Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi.

GoPro Hero Is A New $199 Entry-Level Action Camera
GoPro’s business has had a tough couple of years even though it’s synonymous with really good action cameras. CEO Nick Woodman has previously said that the company will reset expectations this year and its new product is certainly the first step in that direction. GoPro today launched its promised entry-level action camera that’s simply called GoPro Hero. It costs $199.

New GoPro Camera Could Be Announced March 30
If you’re in the market for a new GoPro camera, it seems that you won’t have to wait much longer for an announcement because according to Nokishita Camera, an announcement is expected to be made on the 30th of March. This is in line with an earlier report by Photo Rumors who also claimed that we will be seeing an announcement towards the end of March.


GoPro Licensing Camera Tech To Other Companies
Despite being synonymous with action cameras, GoPro has had a rough couple of years as it struggles to bring in new customers willing to spend top dollar for its products. The company sought growth in the drone segment but had to bow out of there because it couldn’t really compete in the market. The company’s troubles have forced it to look elsewhere for support and it’s finding that in licensing […]

GoPro Plus Service Will Now Include Device Replacements
Dropping your camera and breaking it is a pain that photographers will no doubt try their best to avoid, which is why there are cases that are designed to protect cameras from drops, and also why many professionals purchase insurance for their equipment. Now it looks like GoPro will also offer similar protection to its customers via the Plus service.

GoPro Fusion Support Arrives For Some Android Handsets
GoPro launched a 360-degree 5.2K camera called the Fusion last year. It looks like the companys’ Hero action cameras but offers different functionality. The camera launched in November 2017 to good reviews but there was a catch. It wasn’t compatible with Android devices at launch. That finally changes today. The GoPro Fusion Android support has been rolled out even if only for a handful of devices.

GoPro Is Putting Itself Up For Sale
It hasn’t been smooth sailing for GoPro, the company that was valued at $3 billion after its 2014 IPO. It continues to struggle with weak revenues and has had to abandon new product plans due to margin issues. The company seems to have prepared itself for the inevitable. GoPro is thinking about selling itself.

GoPro Has Given Up On Drones
GoPro unveiled its much-rumored Karma consumer drone in late 2016 and released it a few months later. However, the company had to recall all units in November last year due to a battery issue that caused its drones to just fall out of the sky. The Karma was re-released a few months back but it didn’t really hold its own against competitors like DJI. GoPro’s drone ambitions have come to […]

GoPro's Drone Division Staff Laid Off
GoPro doesn’t seem to be interested in investing a lot of resources in its drone program. According to a new report, the company has conducted a new round of layoffs which is primarily aimed at its drone division. The report mentions that most of the 200-300 employees that have been let go in the past week were from the part of the company that worked on its Karma drone.

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera Released Sans Some Software Features
GoPro unveiled its 360-degree Fusion camera in late September and the company has now started shipping the device. However, some software features that the company talked about during the camera’s launch are not going to be available at launch. They won’t be available for the camera until “early 2018.” The GoPro Fusion 360 camera is now shipping out in the United States and Europe.

GoPro Gets Covered By Lava And Miraculously Survives
GoPro’s cameras have a reputation to them about how they are sturdy and rugged and can be used in extreme situations. We’ve seen the camera used during various extreme sporting activities, dropped, dunked underwater, and survive, but could a GoPro survive after being doused with lava?

New Entry-Level GoPro Camera Coming Next Year
GoPro has confirmed that it’s going to replace the original Hero Session with a new entry-level action camera next year. The existing entry-level action camera was announced two years ago and it’s now reaching the end of the road. GoPro is going to come out with a new entry-level camera in 2018.

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera Price Confirmed, Launches This November
The 360 degree camera for consumers that GoPro first talked about back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 will soon be available for purchase. The company has revealed some crucial bits of information about the GoPro Fusion 360 camera. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman teased the camera on stage today at the company’s San Francisco event. There, he confirmed how much the GoPro Fusion 360 camera is going to cost and […]