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HTC enables offline navigation for their Windows Phone devices
One of the perks of owning a Nokia Lumia handset is that it comes with several exclusive features. One of them includes the ability to download maps offline and use it for navigation in places that do not offer WiFi or have poor cell coverage (much like cacheing Google Maps for Android). Well the good news for HTC Windows Phone owners is that the company will be introducing offline navigation […]

Nokia Maps, Drive and Transport updated for Lumia
Lumia owners, rejoice – Nokia has announced a bunch of new updates for its Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive apps. The Windows Phone apps that help you get around wherever you are have got some new features to make life easier. First up Nokia Drive now has alerts to let you know if you’re driving too fast – to help prevent you from picking up that umpteenth speeding […]

Watchie GPS watch helps caretakers for Alzheimer patients
Caring for patients or family members with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be a hard task, especially since it would be impossible for you to keep an eye on them every second of everyday, which is why Swiss company, u-blox, has created Watchie, a GPS-based device that can be worn by patients as a watch and at the same time provide GPS tracking for their caretakers.

Google Maps brings traffic conditions to Norway, New Zealand and Hong Kong
One of the more interesting features of Google Maps would be the ability to share real-time traffic data with you, so that you more or less have an accurate estimate as to the length of time it takes for you to get to your office from your current position. While this feature is not new at all, first appearing four years ago, Google’s team did put in their fair share […]


Garmin StreetPilot sees price drop and new features
Most smartphones these days come with a built-in GPS chipset that will help you get up and around even in unfamiliar territory, never mind the fact that the smartphone’s battery life will be drained in no time at all. Well, to see a full featured, standalone voice-activated GPS app on the Windows Phone platform is rather rare to date, but at least the Garmin StreetPilot is able to step in […]

Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet helps you zoom in on empty parking spaces
Looking for an empty parking lot whenever you hit the city center during peak hours can be a nightmare, and in some cities, the sky high parking rates are definitely not a deterrent at all, as lack of space might be the number one issue at hand. Well, I don’t suppose that if you are driving one of the newer rides from Mercedes-Benz, you can afford a chauffer, but for […]

DARPA wants disposable satellite swarm for troops
The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a clarion call for experts to put their brains together in developing a new swarm of satellites which would enable soldiers who are posted overseas to be able to access near-live satellite images of their location. This will definitely be a quantum leap on the battlefield, considering how that is not possible with the current batch of satellites considering they […]

Nokia Maps now available on iOS and Android
Nokia Maps, a free map navigation service used to be available only for Nokia devices. Well, starting today, you’ll be able to access it from your iPhone or Android device. While it won’t be available as a native map ala Google Maps, all you need to do is point your browser towards the Nokia Maps website and you’re good to go. What’s great is that Nokia Maps gives you audio […]

Pyle GPS Sports Watch
Are you a fitness buff? The Pyle GPS Sports Watch (also known as the PSWGP405 if you have a penchant for model numbers) is one timepiece that you might want to take into consideration for your next accessory purchase. It is equipped with a 2.4 GHz digitally coded wireless Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) chest strap that will help you track your workout analysis, while collecting important information on your physical […]

Pentax Marc Newson K-01, WG-2 and WG-2 GPS now shipping
Readers out frequent our site may have come across the Pentax Marc Newson-designed K-01 interchangeable lens camera, or the rugged Pentax Optio WG-2 and WG-2 GPS digital cameras. Well the good news for those who have been looking forward to getting their hands on either camera (or both) is that according to Pentax, both cameras are now shipping, with the K-01 priced at $749.95 (body only) or $899.95 (with kit […]

Google patent lets you snap a photo of a landmark to reveal your location
Have you ever been to a new city and got lost? Well if you have, or if you’re trying to describe your location to a friend, then a recently filed Google patent might be of extreme interest to you. The patent basically describes how a user could take a photo of a landmark, upload it to Google’s servers where it will attempt to match it against its geographical database, and […]

Seiko Astron GPS watch
Most of us own watches just to tell the time, apart from it being a fashion accessory, but here is the Seiko Astron GPS watch that will obtain time information regardless of where you are on earth at the moment. Capable of supporting 39 time zones worldwide, this particular timepiece (which is quite a looker too, I might add) will arrive in the market sometime later this September. With the […]

Le Chal shoes helps visually impaired navigate
The blind and visually impaired do have one huge disadvantage – they are unable to see just where they are going without help from a walking cane, but thanks to the advent of modern technology as well as the hard work of Anirudh Sharma, a student of Informatics Engineering at the Rajasthan Technical University, he managed to cobble together this pair of Le Chal shoes. Fusing art, design and technology […]

iPhone app locates stores with hottest hunks
Here is one for the Forever Alone ladies – this iPhone app is said to make use of your iPhone’s built-in GPS chip in order to zoom in on stores that have the sexiest, drool-worthy guys around. Rolled out by Datacraft earlier last month, it is known as Ikemen Tenin MAP Sapporo (translated to “Map of Handsome Clerks in Sapporo” if you prefer English), and was specially concocted to cater […]