If you’re a guitarist, you should be familiar with the DigiTech brand. For those who aren’t familiar, DigiTech is a company that builds guitar multi-effects pedals and individual stompboxes that allow guitarists to achieve, or enhance, their guitar sounds. Throughout the years of multifx pedals and stompboxes, there wasn’t much to change other than the ability to add more sound or improved sampling, but designwise everything more or less remained the same, or at least until now.

It looks like DigiTech has managed to bring together a physical multifx pedalboard and combine it with an iPad, along with the accompanying software, to allow guitarists to string together several effects and control the action with actual physical footswitches with the iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard.

The iPB-Nexus app that comes along with it allows for users to string up to 10 effects at once, also providing users with up to 87 different pedals to choose from, ranging from wah, distortion, chorus, flangers and phasers. Shipping of the iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard starts shipping this month and will retail for a staggering $700 and users will be able to get iPB-Nexus app for free. Obviously the iPad does not come with the pedalboard although we’re guessing that certain musicians will be tempted to go out and get themselves the iPad now.

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