Like a lot of musicians will probably tell you, the best way to pick up an instrument is to get someone better than you to guide you through the process. Unfortunately not everybody knows anybody who can show them the ropes and some people might even be too shy or embarrassed to learn from another person. Some folks have resorted to watching YouTube videos but bad audio quality and camera angles can sometimes hamper the learning experience.

Well, some developers have come up with a solution to the problem: an app called iPerform3D. It is touted to provide a learning experience that’s similar to having a professional tutor with you – except that he’s a virtual character onscreen. Users can watch the tutor play the song from any angle, zooming into the action, slowing down and speeding up the pace without affecting the pitch of the song. Pretty impressive visuals, which is unsurprising – considering that they used MoCap360 motion capture technology – similar to what was used in blockbuster movies like Avatar and Beowolf.

Users can also loop sections of a song to focus on parts that they’re having trouble with. iPerform3D has a collection of over 200 Lead and Rhythm lessons for players of all levels, with videos, lessons, audio backing tracks, guitar tabs and more. It’s basically the ultimate real-life tutor who has infinite patience with his students. iPerform3D is available for Mac and Windows PCs, and costs a monthly subscription of $19.95. Find out more.

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