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New Hitman Games Have Been Put On Hold
The Hitman game franchise has been around for a very long time and it has tons of fans across the globe. The last game that was released in this franchise was very well received. However, it may be a while before the next arrives, because new Hitman games have been put on hold. The reason why they’ve been put on hold is because Square Enix has parted ways with Hitman […]

Square Enix To Part Ways With IO Interactive
For many years now, Square Enix and IO Interactive worked together on releasing titles under the Hitman franchise. This is because IO Interactive’s parent company Eidos Interactive was acquired by Square Enix many years ago, and by extension IO Interactive as well. Unfortunately it looks like Square Enix is done with the company.

Hitman: Absolution Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Confirmed
Microsoft is gradually bringing some of the best games that were released for the Xbox 360 over to the Xbox One thanks to the magic of backwards compatibility. We recently saw Grand Theft Auto 4 being added to the list of titles that can now be played on the current-generation console. Make room for one more on that list because it has now been confirmed that Hitman: Absolution can be […]

Hitman January Update Adds Professional Difficulty Level
IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman title has been very well received. The developer continues to push out new updates for this game so the improvements and tweaks keep coming in. It has now announced that the Hitman January update is going to bring a new Professional Difficulty Level. This is going to make the gameplay a bit more challenging for those who really want to push themselves when they step into […]


Hitman HDR Support Arrives Next Week
IO Interactive’s Hitman is an episodic entry to the much-loved franchise and the new game has been very well received. The first season has ended now and the developer continues to roll out a steady stream of Elusive Targets to keep players busy. The next update it will send out is going to bring some visual enhancements particularly for those who have an HDR display. IO Interactive has confirmed that […]

Hitman November Update Takes Unlocked Items Offline
The Hitman season finale may have been released recently but it’s not like the game won’t receive any updates going forward that improve and enhance the experience. The Hitman November update brings a handful of bug fixes, improvements as well as a new feature called offline profile. The profile allows players to take all unlockable items they have earned online with them offline so they have access to their rewards […]

Hitman Season Finale Release Date Confirmed
The first season of the episodic Hitman game by IO Interactive has six episodes five of which have already been released. The developer today confirmed the release date for Episode 6: Hokkaido, this is the finale for Hitman’s first season. In this climactic season finale, Agent 47 is tasked with locating and eliminating two targets in Japan.

Hitman's 11th Elusive Target Arrives October 14th
IO Interactive has confirmed today that the 11th Elusive Target will arrive in Hitman on Friday, October 14th. At 14:00 CEST, the Elusive Target tile will be updated on the Featured Hub in the game and that’s when the contract will be live. Hitman’s 11th Elusive Target is called The Fixer and he will be in Marrakesh for seven days. As is the case with all previous Elusive Target missions, […]

Hitman's 10th Elusive Target Arrives This Friday
Elusive Targets are a great component of the episodic Hitman game and IO Interactive today confirmed when the 10th Elusive Target is going to land. Look out for the next target called The Pharmacist who is going to be in Paris for 7 days starting this Friday. As is the case with all Elusive Target missions in Hitman, you only get one shot at the target and if you miss, […]

Hitman Episode 5 Location And Release Date Announced
IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman game is proceeding nicely. Four episodes have been released so far, bringing tons of exciting missions and additional content. The developer today revealed the Hitman Episode 5 location and release date. The latest episode is set in Colorado, USA and it’s going to be released later this month.

Hitman: The Complete First Season Disc Release Date Confirmed
IO Interactive’s Hitman was initially supposed to get a physical release but it was later converted into an episodic series. This meant that a disc version would be released only when all of the episodes had been released. The studio today confirmed when it’s going to release Hitman: The Complete First Season. It will include all episodes of Season One as well as some additional content.

Gary Busey Is Hitman's Seventh Elusive Target
IO Interactive recently ran an online “Choose Your Hit” campaign for Hitman players, fans were allowed to vote and choose between two Hollywood stars one of whom would be selected as the seventh Hitman Elusive Target. Votes were cast for Gary Cole and Gary Busey, in the end it was Gary Busey who got the most number of votes, and so he will now appear in Hitman as an Elusive […]

Companion App For Hitman Has Been Released
If you have been playing Square Enix’s Hitman, you might have heard that the game has constantly been fed new content such as Elusive Targets. Now if you’re a bit slow on the trigger, you might be interested to learn that Square Enix has since released a companion app for the game which basically notifies users when an Elusive Target is in town.

Fifth Hitman Elusive Target Will Be In Marrakesh Tomorrow
Hitman players can get ready to try and take out the fifth Elusive Target who will be in Marrakesh for 72 hours starting tomorrow. The Elusive Target tile will be updated on the Featured Hub tomorrow at 5AM PDT and the contract will be live. The Gunrunner is the fifth Elusive Target in Hitman and will only be accessible to those who have purchased Marrakesh or have the full Hitman […]

Hitman Episode 3 Trailer Reveals Sarajevo Six Target
It was only yesterday that IO Interactive confirmed when the next episode for its new episodic Hitman game is going to arrive. Hitman Episode 3 is based in Marrakesh, Morrocco and it brings two main targets as well as lots of other activities and challenges that players can take part in. A trailer released today shows that Hitman Episode 3 tasks players with tracking down the next Sarajevo Six target.

Hitman Episode 3 Release Date Confirmed
The new Hitman game is off to a great start. It’s an episodic title and IO Interactive has already released two episodes that take Agent 47 to Paris and Sapienza respectively. The developer confirmed the Hitman Episode 3 release date today. It follows up quite nicely to the big fashion show event of Paris and the expansive nature of Sapienza.

IO Interactive Open To Hitman: Blood Money Remaster
Hitman is a franchise that has been around for a while now, and while there have been many versions of the game, ranging from the classic, to the more recent reboot, and to the interesting puzzle-variant that was Hitman GO, safe to say that Hitman: Blood Money is/was one of the more beloved titles in the Hitman franchise.

Hitman Elusive Target 2 Coming May 27th
IO Interactive has confirmed that the second Elusive Target will be appearing in the Hitman game at some point on Friday, May 27th. Elusive Targets were initially delayed and it was only a couple of weeks ago that the first target surfaced in the game. Fortunately, it hasn’t taken that long for the second to arrive, so players have something to look forward to in the coming week as Elusive […]

First Hitman Elusive Target Appears Tomorrow
If you have been playing the new Hitman game recently then you might be interested in finding out when the first elusive target for this title is going to arrive. It has been confirmed today that the first Hitman elusive target is going to appear tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Since elusive targets are meant to really challenge players, they will only get one shot at the target.

Hitman GO VR Arrives Tomorrow
A VR version of Hitman GO has been in development for some time now and fans of the franchise who have been looking forward to this title will be interested to know that Hitman GO VR is coming out tomorrow. It’s the same Hitman GO game that they might have played already but with an added twist of a virtual reality experience. Do keep in mind that the game is […]