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HP Exec Claims Company Has Plans To Re-Enter The Smartphone Market
HP has attempted to break into the smartphone market in the past by purchasing Palm’s webOS platform, but unfortunately despite webOS being with met with favorable reviews, HP was not successful and ultimately abandoned webOS which was picked up by LG earlier this year. However it looks like HP’s dream of remaining in the smartphone market is still alive and well, according to the company’s Senior Director of Consumer PCs […]

HP Slate 21 Is An All-In-One PC That Runs On Android
HP's Slate 21 is an Android-powered all-in-one PC which features a 21.5-inch display.

HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 Review
HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 Review | We review the HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 which is one of the company's latest budget-friendly laptops retailing for under $500.

HP Rove Desktop PC Is Highly Portable
So, you think that your tablet or Ultrabook is the next best thing since sliced bread when it comes to computing power? Well, here is news for you – HP might be on to something here with the recently announced HP ENVY Rove20 desktop computer. Touted to be the first mobile All-in-One PC by the company, it frees up the desktop PC from the shackles of the desk, enabling both […]


HP SlateBook x2 Announced
Another hybrid tablet-notebook hits the market in the form of the HP SlateBook 10 x2.

HP Announces ProBook 200, 400 Notebooks Focused On Business Users
HP is announcing a new set of laptops which the company is focusing on small to medium business users with its ProBook 200 and ProBook 400 notebook PCs.  Both notebooks will offer various screen sizes and components to choose from and will retail as low as $249.The ProBook 200 notebooks are HP’s value line with its HP 240 starting the line with its 14-inch display capable of delivering a resolution […]

HP ScanJet Pro3000 s2 Announced, Comes With 50-Page Automatic Feeder
One of HP’s longer lasting device ranges would be the Scanjet name, and even at the birth of Ubergizmo, we have already talked about a Scanjet – in particular, the Scanjet N6010. That is certainly ancient by all means if you were to compare it to the spanking new HP Scanjet Pro3000 s2 here that targets business users. In fact, the Scanjet Pro3000 s2 is capable of performing 600dpi scans, […]

HP ProBooks Picked Up By Maine School
We have seen our fair share of HP Probooks in the past, and this time around, the HP Probook has come under the spotlight yet again, with computer manufacturer HP all set to deliver personal computers as well as computers for Maine’s Learning Technology Initiative. This 4-year contract by the Maine Department of Education intends to see both students as well as teachers have a technology solution so that they […]

HP SlateBook 10 X2 Rumor
It was just yesterday when we were talking about how the HP Slate 7 is more than ready to make its mark in the market, especially since it is made available to folks living across the pond in the form of a pre-order. Well, it seems that the HP Slate 7 is not the only tablet that HP has in mind for the masses, as they do seem to be […]

HP Slate 7 Ready To Rock And Roll
Late last month, we covered some bit on the HP Slate 7, touting that it has been delayed to June on the quiet, while earlier this month, it was reported that the HP Slate 7 would be made available for pre-order for folks living in Europe. Well, it seems that it was a website error which resulted in the HP Slate 7’s launch date to be pushed back to June, […]

HP WindsorNot Leaked Yet Again
We have come across some interesting devices from HP before, and most recently, the HP Prime, which is not an autobot in secret, but rather, a color graphing calculator. Surely the HP Prime caters to an extremely niche market, and something that would carry far more mass appeal would be the HP WindsorNot, which has been touted to be a full-touchscreen webOS smartphone that made its rounds on the Internet […]

HP Prime Graphing Calculator Can Run Apps, Has A Touchscreen Display
In this modern day and age of smartphones most people don’t carry a standalone graphing calculator. Anything a calculator can do, your smartphone can do as well, all thanks to the plethora of calculator apps that are available for major platforms. If you absolutely must possess a calculator that doesn’t live inside your smartphone, check out the HP Prime. It has a multi-touch display and can run a host of […]

Leap Motion Working With HP To Integrate Its Technology In Upcoming Products
It looks as though Leap Motion is expanding beyond its partnership with Asus as HP is announcing it will not only be bundling the Leap Motion controller, but also integrating its motion control experience into a number of HP’s upcoming products.The partnership between Leap Motion and HP will start by bundling the Leap Motion controller with select HP personal computers this summer, with a natural progression to HP devices being […]

Moonshot Servers More Open Than AMD's Seamicro, Says HP
Earlier this week HP launched Project Moonshot, powered by Atom processors provided by Intel. The Moonshot line will feature additional chipsets in the future and HP will work on Moonshot hyper scale software defined services so as to cater for custom workloads. David Chalmers, HP EMEA Enterprise Group CTO, says that HP’s Moonshot servers are more open than AMD’s line. While praising Seamicro for being the first one out the door […]