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HP To Launch A 'Pretty Smart' Windows 10 Mobile Device This Year
There aren’t a lot of OEMs that make Windows-powered smartphones these days. Microsoft is leading the charge with the Lumia lineup ever since it acquired Nokia’s mobile business. There have been rumors that some OEMs might consider making smartphones powered by the latest iteration of Windows for mobile devices. Rumor has it that HP is going to come out with a Windows 10 Mobile-powered smartphone this year.

HP's Smartwatch Is An Object Of Beauty
When it comes to wearable devices such as the smartwatch, the folks over at HP are no strangers in this department. After all, they have worked with watchmaker Titan before to roll out a slew of new smartwatches, and this time around, HP has something in store for those who love all things bright and shiny. After all, it can be rather difficult to resist a timepiece that sports a […]

HP Chromebook 11 G4 Education Edition Is Yours For $200
If you’re looking for a cheap and functional laptop to bring to school, you will be interested to learn that HP has recently announced the HP Chromebook 11 G4 Education Edition. As the name suggests, this is a Chromebook meaning that it runs on Chrome OS. This means that you won’t get access to regular productivity apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

HP Launches Sprout Pro For Students And Professionals
In late 2014 HP announced a new PC called Sprout which featured a built-in projector and touch mat, it’s unlike anything you would normally find on somebody’s desk. A little over a year after this PC first made its appearance HP today announced the launch of a new version of the Sprout, called the Sprout Pro, it’s designed with schools and professionals in mind.


HP Unveils Super Thin EliteBook Folio Laptop
[CES 2016] While Apple might have kicked off the trend of really thin laptops, other PC makers have since taken the idea and run with it. HP is one of those companies and at CES 2016 this year, the company has unveiled their latest laptop that come in the form of the HP EliteBook Folio, one of the company’s thinnest and sleekest laptops to date.As you can in the photos, […]

HP Falcon Windows 10 Mobile Rumored For MWC 2016
HP might not necessarily be a brand you think of when it comes to smartphones. The company has attempted to create its own smartphones in the past, but safe to say that fast forward to today, HP might be more of a brand you would associate with the likes of computers and printers and photocopy machines.However according to a report from German publication Dr Windows (via WMPoweruser), they have heard […]

Alleged HP Falcon Spotted
It looks like there is a new mobile device out there that will run on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, where it is known as the HP Falcon. The HP Falcon will apparently be powered by the Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm, which would definitely make it blazing fast, or at least be able to keep up with the other devices out there in terms of processing muscle. Other recently […]

HP Will Stop Focusing On Low-End Tablets
Don’t fancy paying so much for an iPhone or iPad? If you’re not too fussed about the operating system, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there that run on Android or Windows Phone. For example there are companies like Xiaomi and Huawei and OnePlus, all of whom have created great value for money handsets.HP themselves have also attempted to compete purely on price by launching low-end tablets like the […]

HP Partners With Watchmaker Titan For New Smartwatches
When it comes to smartwatches, we’re sure that some of you guys out there probably did not know that HP has two watches in the market already. If you’re wondering how is that you did not see any HP-branded devices, it is because HP has gone the route of partnering with watchmakers and designers.For example last year we saw the tech company team up with designer Michael Bastian, and earlier […]

HP Partners With Movado For A New Smartwatch
Last year HP announced that they were teaming up with American designer Michael Bastian for a smartwatch. The result was a pretty stylish-looking piece of technology. However this year, HP has opted to partner with Movado, whom for those unfamiliar is a Swiss watchmaker. The result is the Movado Bold Motion.As you can see in the video, the Movado Bold Motion is similar to last year’s smartwatch by HP in […]

HP ZBook Studio Laptop Officially Announced
If you’re in the market for a laptop that can help with graphics or video editing, or basically a laptop that can handle a heavy workload, you might be interested to learn that HP has recently announced their latest laptop in the form of the HP ZBook Studio. This is a laptop that HP has designed for professionals who need a mobile computer that can handle heavy duty tasks.In fact […]

Tech Support Apparently Telling Windows 10 Users To Downgrade
While Microsoft is busy trying to push out Windows 10 to as many users as possible, it seems that it might be an uphill battle. According to a report from Laptop, it seems that OEMs such as Dell and HP are apparently trying to get users to downgrade from Windows 10 to older builds of Windows, such as Windows 8.1.Like we said, it looks like Microsoft is facing an uphill […]

HP Launches Refreshed Chromebooks With Improved Hardware
HP today announced that it has updated its Chromebook lineup, the new Chromebooks come with improved hardware packaged in a thin and colorful design. HP Chromebook 14 weighs in at around 3.94 pounds and is just 17.8 millimeters thin while promising a battery life of up to 9 hours and 15 minutes with HD display.

HP & 3M To Build Privacy Screens Into Laptops
If you’re a business person conducting business on the go, chances are you rely on mobile computing hardware like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Given that you would be out and about in public, like in the train, at a cafe, or on a plane, you aren’t afford the same privacy as you would back in the office.This means that anyone could take a peek at your screen to see what […]