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HP’s Pavilion Gaming Notebook Is An Affordable Option
When we think of gaming notebooks, we think of those big hulking machines that weigh a ton, pack a lot of features, and comes with a price tag that matches its weight. Now if you’d rather not spend a couple of thousand for a gaming notebook but want one that is capable of gaming, you might be interested in the HP Pavilion Gaming notebook.This is the latest laptop from HP […]

HP Unveils Envy 32 Display With Built-In Bang & Olufsen Speakers
When it comes to monitors with built-in speakers, safe to say that we probably shouldn’t expect too much from them. However HP expects to change that with the introduction of the HP Envy 32 display. This is a 32-inch display that comes with built-in speakers courtesy of famed audio company Bang & Olufsen.These front-facing stereo speakers will feature a 6-watt output so safe to say that it will pack quite […]

HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook
It looks like there is plenty of excitement going on before the new Star Wars movie hits the silver screen later this year, and that comes across as no surprise. After all, this is going to be a blockbuster for sure, and the question is, just how large will it be when it arrives? Hence, to see various companies already coming up with tie ins to the movie seem to […]

HP Spectre x2
The HP Spectre range has always been a pretty interesting one, coming up with various models including a hybrid in the form of the HP Spectre x360 earlier this year. Well, it seems that the Spectre family name is still alive and kicking, where HP has just announced the brand new HP Spectre x2. If you have been on the lookout for a really slim notebook that gets the job […]


HP Spectre x360
It looks like what has been announced in May earlier this year has finally come to fruition in the form of the HP Spectre x360, a tablet/notebook hybrid that takes on the convertible PC form factor which was first popularized by Lenovo’s Yoga range of devices. This 13.3″ convertible machine claims to deliver an ultra-thin design, but no matter how much you thin it down, it still cannot beat the […]

HP ENVY Note 8 Tablet
When there are whispers and rumblings concerning the HP ENVY 8 Note even as late as last month, you can be sure that this particular model has gotten real, as in, in the flesh, this time around. The HP ENVY 8 Note happens to be a premium Windows 10 tablet that has been designed from scratch, in order to provide customers with something that is worth looking at, as well […]

HP ENVY Curved All-in-One PC
So, we have the likes of curved TVs in our living rooms that supposedly enhance the entire viewing experience – how about bringing the same experience to the desktop? While working with a flat screen display has long been the norm now, perhaps HP’s latest HP ENVY Curved All-in-One PC might be just the tonic to help boost up your productivity – after all, the more you can see, the […]

HP ENVY Notebook
It looks like things have decidedly become a whole lot more simple where gadgets are concerned with HP. They do not seem to settle for some sort of super long naming convention with their latest HP ENVY notebook. This latest offering from HP will arive with a spanking new look just in time for the holiday season, where it will showcase an elegant simplicity without having to compromise in terms […]

Know More About The HP Envy 8 Note
It looks like the HP Envy 8 Note (5000) that we talked about in the previous week has more than meets the eye – but before we proceed any further, here is a little refresher on the particular device. The HP Envy 8 Note happens to be an 8” tablet (as you can more or less deduce by the naming convention alone), where it carries the model number I508FC/K6F61EA and […]

More About The HP Envy Note 8
It looks like HP is not about to stop with their Envy range of devices, where the past has seen the likes of the HP Envy X2 as well as the HP Envy 4. This time around, we have received word that HP intends to roll out a spanking new tablet that will boast of an 8” display, hence its name, the HP Envy Note 8. How appropriate for it […]

HP 10 G2 Android Tablet Spotted At The FCC And Bluetooth SIG
When you think of Android tablets, you might think of brands such as Samsung who is probably one of the more prominent Android tablet manufacturers around. However you might recall that despite their failure with the HP TouchPad, HP has not given up on the tablet market and has launched several Android tablets in the past.That being said it looks like HP is not done with Android tablets just yet, […]

HP Windows 10 PCs Ship Before The Software Even Launches
HP doesn’t want to wait around for other manufacturers to take the ball, the company is going to start shipping some of its PCs that come with Windows 10 preinstalled ahead of the actual launch of Windows 10. Microsoft is going to officially launch Windows 10 on July 29th and HP’s new PCs are going to arrive before that. The company has already started taking pre-orders for those products.

HP's First Windows 10 Laptop Has Killer Looks
With a fortnight to go until Microsoft releases Windows 10 one can be sure that in the months to come the company’s OEM partners are going to come out with new products that have the new operating system preinstalled. HP’s first Windows 10 laptop is going to excite many of the company’s fans since it does have rather killer looks, but it might cost a pretty penny since it’s a limited edition […]

New Generation HP Chromebook 11 Coming Soon
The HP Chomebook 11 has been around for quite some time already, where have have seen our fair share of previous iterations. It is nice to see companies stick to a normal naming convention regardless of the generation of the product right now, and the HP Chromebook 11 happens to be one of them. It does look as though the fourth generation model is in the pipeline, although some might […]