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New Philips Hue Switch Module Gives You A New Way Of Controlling Your Smart Lights
Controlling your smart lights is usually either done via its accompanying app or you can use a physical switch and turn it on or off the good old fashioned way. The problem with the latter is that if you turned the light off via the switch, you can’t turn it back on with the app, which does create some confusion.

Signify Just Unveiled A Bunch Of New Philips Hue Smart Lights
When it comes to smart lighting products, there are many options that one can choose right now, but a brand that typically comes to mind is none other than Philips Hue. At IFA 2020, Signify (who makes the Hue system) has unveiled a bunch of new smart lighting products that might be worth checking out.

Philips Hue Bulbs Can Now Stay Off During A Power Surge
Power surges and blackouts can happen from time to time for a variety of reasons. However the problem with such instances is that if you rely on connected objects like smart light bulbs, they can turn themselves back on when the power is back. This can be a bit problematic if you’re not home or if it’s in the middle of the night and everyone’s sleeping.

Philips Hue App Now Supports Siri Shortcuts
One of the brand new features that Apple introduced in iOS 12 comes in the form of Siri Shortcuts. Basically these are actions that have been grouped together so that by speaking a single phrase to Siri, all those commands would be executed at once, kind of like a macro. For those who use Philips Hue smart lighting, it seems that the app now supports Siri Shortcuts.


New Philips Hue ‘Signe’ & ‘Play’ Lights Revealed
Ambient lighting is something that seems to be very popular these days, especially with smart lighting systems in which with an app and at a touch of a button, users can change the mood of the room in an instant. Philips is one of the main companies leading the charge with its Hue lighting system, and more recently they have unveiled new additions to the Hue lineup.

Philips Officially Announces A Bunch Of New HomeKit Compatible Hue Lights
Back in July thanks to some leaks, it was revealed that Philips was working on new Hue lights for the home. This included an outdoor Hue LightStrip and also the Adore bathroom mirror with smart lighting features. For those wondering about those products, you’ll be pleased to learn that those products have been officially confirmed.

Razer Teams Up With Philips For Game-Activated Hue Lights
[CES 2018] Pretty much all of Razer’s gaming accessories and peripherals come with lights built into them, which the company has then sent into overdrive with the Chroma-enabled devices. Now if you’re looking to truly complete your LED-filled gaming room, Razer and Philips have teamed up to make that a reality.

Philips Finally Adds iPad Support To Its Hue App
For some reason and for the longest time ever, the Philips Hue app was not supported on the iPad. Instead the app was only supported on mobile devices, which meant that iPad users looking to control their Hue connected lights would have to rely on third-party apps to do so, which in some cases actually proved to be a better alternative.

Philips Launches Hue White Ambiance HomeKit Compatible Bulbs
If you’re looking for a way to make your home “smarter”, one of the ways to do so would be by installing smart light bulbs, and Philips’s Hue series of smart light bulbs are probably the most well-known. Apart from being able to control it via your smartphone, another perk is that you get to choose whatever color you want thanks to the use of LEDs.

Philips Releases Much-Needed Update For Its Hue Smartphone App
The idea behind the Philips Hue connected bulbs is that you get to control it remotely and program it to do things regular light bulbs couldn’t. To achieve this, Philips obviously had to create an accompanying smartphone app, but unfortunately it seems that app design was clearly not the company’s forte as it left many users complaining and wanting more.

Philips Reverses Hue Ban On Third-Party Bulbs
Philips was one of the first few mainstream companies to jump on the connected devices bandwagon with its Hue lineup of smart lighting products. Hue lightbulbs are quite good at what they do but they do come at a cost, users have been able to use third-party bulbs but the company announced recently it will ban third-party bulbs for the Hue platform. Philips has backtracked now and confirmed that it’s […]

Philips Hue Won’t Work With Third-Party Bulbs
Philips has long been a household name when it comes to consumer electronics, ranging from headphones, to televisions, and lightbulbs, which is why the progression to connected objects like the Philips Hue seemed to be a natural one. That being said, the Hue lightbulbs do not come cheap, and if you’re planning to use third-party ones, you can’t.Philips has recently announced (via Engadget) that they will be dropping third-party bulb […]

Philips Hue Lightbulbs Get Synced With The Xbox One
When it comes to a truly immersive gaming experience, there are many ways to go about it. It could be in the graphics quality of the game, or a riveting plot in the game’s story, or it could be the sound effects which makes you feel like you’re really there, or it could be the lighting of your room.Now if you’ve never really paid attention to the lighting in your […]

Philips Hue App For The Apple Watch Confirmed
It has been several years since Philips launched their Hue light bulb. For those unfamiliar with the device, it’s basically a smart light bulb that can connect with your smartphone, thus allowing you to adjust its brightness, set schedules, and turn it on/off using your mobile device. Basically it gives you more options compared to a regular on/off switch.Now the good news for would-be Apple Watch owners is that Philips […]