philips hue white ambianceIf you’re looking for a way to make your home “smarter”, one of the ways to do so would be by installing smart light bulbs, and Philips’s Hue series of smart light bulbs are probably the most well-known. Apart from being able to control it via your smartphone, another perk is that you get to choose whatever color you want thanks to the use of LEDs.

However if you’re not looking to turn your house lights green, purple, or blue, then maybe you might be interested in the Philips Hue white ambiance bulbs which have recently gone up for sale. The Hue bulbs will be available for purchase starting today and can be adjusted to emit a cool daylight color at 6,500k, to a warm white at 2,200k.

The bulb can also output a maximum of 800 lumens at 4,000k, all of which can also be controlled by its accompanying app which allows users to set schedules, like what time the lights should go on, and what color should be displayed at what time, and so on. These white ambiance lights are also HomeKit compatible.

They are priced at $129.95 for a starter kit which includes the Hue hub, two bulbs, and a dimmer switch. Additional bulbs can be bought at $29.95 per piece.

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