The Philips Hue series of smart bulbs are pretty cool and are a great way to help make your home smart. However, if you felt that maybe the bulbs the company offers is a bit too dim for your liking compared to more  traditional bulbs, you’re in luck because that could change this September.

According to a report from Hue Blog, it seems that come September, Philips Hue is expected to announce new bulbs that are brighter than its predecessors. These new bulbs are said to offer 1,100 lumens for the standard-size models, and up to 1,600 lumens for larger lamps, and will be available across the Hue White, Hue White Ambiance, and Hue White and Color Ambiance models.

The report claims that for the brighter 1,600 lumens bulb, due to it needing better cooling, a larger design was necessary, so it is possible that it could stick out slightly from your lamp, but your mileage may vary. To give you some context, the current standard bulb is rated for 806 lumens, so it is clear that these bulbs will be considerably brighter.

This could end up taking up more energy, but since they are LEDs, maybe it won’t be that a huge amount. Philips Hue has yet to officially announce anything but if the September date is true, we won’t have to wait much longer for it.

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