When it comes to smart lighting products, there are many options that one can choose right now, but a brand that typically comes to mind is none other than Philips Hue. At IFA 2020, Signify (who makes the Hue system) has unveiled a bunch of new smart lighting products that might be worth checking out.

The first of which is the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip, which is actually a really nice upgrade over the current model. The problem with the current model is that while it can change colors, they were limited to one color at a time. However, with the gradient lightstrip, you can allow for multiple colors along the strip for a more colorful effect.

The company is also catching onto the fact that people love mounting the lightstrip behind their TVs, and have designed it to be easily mounted. If you don’t mind shelling out for the Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box, you can also get the lights to change color according to what’s being played on the TV, but that’s entirely optional.

Some of the other smart lighting products announced include the Philips Hue Iris, a lamp that is designed to illuminate a nearby wall, along with the Philips Hue White and color ambiance Ensis pendant light, a new Philips Hue White luster E14 bulb, and also an update to the Philips Hue candle bulbs which will now support Bluetooth connectivity.

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