Word on the street has it that Apple apparently wants to build their own electric car, but obviously the company has no experience doing such a thing so it would make sense for them to partner with someone who does. Recently we heard that Hyundai was one of the potential partners for Apple’s project.

Now according to the latest report out of Korea from Korea IT News, they claim that Hyundai and Apple are  allegedly seeking to sign a partnership agreement by March 2021, and that if the partnership agreement is successful, they might actually start production around 2024 and that the manufacturing process will take place in the US.

What’s interesting about this is that while Apple has remained silent, Hyundai has kind of confirmed it to be true. The company had previously issued a statement in which they mentioned Apple by name, although they later corrected this by removing Apple’s involvement, but the can of worms has already been opened.

Also, the 2024 date of production seems earlier than expected. This is because an earlier report claimed that Apple’s electric car efforts, if it were to materialize, would be at least 5-7 years from now, so 2024 does seem a bit soon. Either way, take it with a grain of salt for now.

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