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Apple Announces That Students Will Get 200GB iCloud Storage For Free
In a bid to get more schools and educational institutions to use their products and services, Apple recently held and education event in which they unveiled a new and affordable iPad with Apple Pencil support which will be priced at $299 for schools. However in addition to this, Apple also announced free iCloud storage for students.

iCloud Encryption Keys In China Will Be Stored On Local Servers
Apple typically makes a big deal about protecting their customers’ privacy, but the company’s latest move in China is definitely raising some eyebrows. This is because in a report from Reuters, Apple has confirmed that they are moving iCloud data to local servers that will be stored in China.

iCloud Single Sign-On Solution Might Arrive With iOS 11.3
It appears that Apple wants your iCloud account to double as a single sign-on solution meaning that you will no longer have to log into the websites you use frequently one at a time. New code has been discovered in the iOS 11.3 beta which suggests that the iCloud single sign-on feature might debut with this firmware update.The iOS 11.3 beta has already made a couple of revelations about what […]

Apple Transferring Chinese iCloud Operations To Local Firm Next Month
Apple announced last year that it would transfer its Chinese iCloud operations to a local firm to comply with the country’s new cybersecurity laws. It opened a new data center in China with a local Chinese data management firm. The new data center enables it to comply with China’s new regulations and also improve the speed of Apple’s cloud services in the region. Apple has now confirmed that the switchover […]


Moleskine Unveils New Smart Planner Notebook
Without a doubt typing notes into a laptop or tablet is more efficient than writing them down, however there are some who argue that writing down notes or jotting down ideas using pen and paper is more effective. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? That’s something that Moleskine wants to offer to customers.

Apple Halves Price Of 2TB iCloud Storage To $9.99
If you use an iOS or Mac device, then there’s also a good chance you could be relying on Apple’s iCloud storage services. While there are plenty of other storage services out there, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and so on, the fact that iCloud is integrated into iOS and macOS gives it a slight advantage.

WhatsApp Is Now Encrypting iPhone Chat Backups
End-to-end encryption isn’t a new feature to WhatsApp as the feature was enabled back in 2016. However according to recent reports, WhatsApp has quietly introduced encryption to its iPhone chat backups whenever they are uploaded to iCloud, making it quite a huge change from the previous backup process.

iOS 10.3 Update Accidentally Re-Enabled Some iCloud Services
A little over a week ago Apple released the iOS 10.3 update which is one of the more major updates for iOS 10. While the update did bring about new features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes, it seems that it has also come with some small problems of its own, such as the accidental re-enabling some iCloud services.

‘iCloud Hack’ Phone Call Scams Are Making Their Rounds
Recently a group of hackers calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family have announced that they have the login credentials to millions of Apple accounts ranging from to, and that if Apple doesn’t pay the ransom by the 7th of April, they will wipe millions of Apple devices.

Report Confirms Some iCloud Credentials Held By Hackers As Legit
It’s starting to look as if the hacker group calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family might actually be holding onto legitimate iCloud login credentials. The folks at ZDNet recently managed to obtain several of these credentials from the group, to which they verified that they were real.

Apple Denies iCloud Or Apple ID Breaches
Recently it was reported that a group of hackers had threatened Apple that they would wipe millions of Apple devices if the company did not pony up a ransom. The group claims to have login credentials for a bunch of Apple services, although the report from Motherboard did note that there were some inconsistencies with their claims.

iOS 10.3 Brings WiFi Calling For Verizon iCloud Devices
Just yesterday Apple started to seed the iOS 10.3 to developers. The update will bring about quite a number of changes, such as changes to the file system as well as a “Find my AirPods” feature. It turns out that’s not all because it has been discovered that iOS 10.3 will also bring about WiFi calling for iCloud devices for Verizon customers.

Apple Launches Redesigned iCloud Photos For Web
If you’re using a Mac, then there’s a good chance that accessing iCloud via its web interface isn’t something you would typically do. However if you’re coming from a different platform, such as Windows, accessing iCloud via the web is one of the few options that you have if you’re trying to get to your notes, contacts, photos, and so on.

Apple Adds New ‘Report Junk’ Feature For iCloud
Apple’s iCloud calendar sync with email events, birthdays, and so on has been available for years now. However it was only in more recent times that users are reporting that they have been on the receiving end for iCloud calendar invite spam, where they are getting invites to online sale events.