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Trek Is A Motorized Slider For Your Smartphone
Have you ever seen those amazing timelapse videos which move from one side to the other, showing the sun rising and sun setting? Isn’t that something that you wish you could do yourself? The thing is you probably can, and if you’re willing to invest a bit of money, there is a crowdfunding project for a motorized slider called Trek.

Jibo The Social Robot Is Now Available For Purchase After 3 Years
About 3 years ago, a project for a home robot called Jibo found its way onto Indiegogo where it managed to raise over $3 million in crowdfunding, making it quite the success story. However if anything Jibo does present itself as an example of why we should be careful and manage our expectations when it comes to crowdfunded projects.

Indiegogo Launches Marketplace For Successfully-Funded Projects
Crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great places to find new and exciting products that have yet to hit the market. It gives people a chance to discover something new and to be part of the process in making it a reality. So far we’ve seen quite a few game-changing products come from such platforms.

Anker Launches The Nebula Capsule Smart Projector
Back in the day projectors were typically seen as this bulky looking device that would help to project slides onto the walls or screens during classes or meetings, but fast forward to today and technology has managed to shrink down projectors quite a bit to the point where they can be brought about and used as a mini cinema display of sorts.


Indiegogo Wants To Make Backing Campaigns More Reassuring
Backing a crowdfunded project is a risk because more often than not, you are backing a project whose project might not even have materialized yet. While there have been quite a few crowdfunding successes, like the Pebble smartwatch, there are some that have been failures despite the initial promise shown.

MACROPACK Is A Lunchbox With A Weighing Scale
For those who are on a diet and are calorie counting, then you know that being precise with your food is key to maintaining that diet, especially for those who might be bodybuilding are looking to eat more of a certain nutrient. This is why you do notice that there are times when people actually weigh their food.

Electrostatic ‘Expanse Speakers’ Launched On Indiegogo
When you think of speakers, chances are you might think of speakers with cone-shaped drivers that are pretty much what you would expect from the majority of commercially available speakers today. However there also exists electrostatic speakers which are usually seen as more catered towards audiophiles.

The Sobro Is A Hi-Tech Take On The Coffee Table
The coffee table is an important piece of home furniture. Typically displayed in the living room, a coffee table is a place where people sit around to watch TV, to chat, and to hang out, so while it should look pleasing aesthetically, it should also be functional. Enter the Sobro which is basically a very functional and very hi-tech coffee table.

Keyboard Moto Mod Launches On Indiegogo
Bigger displays are something that smartphone users these days seem to be asking for which makes it ideal to watch videos, surf the web, and play games on. It also makes it easier to type on. However there are some who might prefer physical input such as QWERTY keyboards, although such devices aren’t that common these days.

The SwitchCharge Is A Battery Case For Your Nintendo Switch
Despite Nintendo designing the Switch to be portable, the battery life of the console does leave much to be desired. We guess if you’re going out for a short while it isn’t too bad, but for longer trips and if you plan to travel, the Switch’s battery life is probably considered to be one of the console’s main “cons”.

The MotherBox Brings ‘True’ Wireless Charging To Your Smartphone
Wireless charging tech isn’t new, but yet there are many who seem to be pretty excited about the iPhone 8’s rumored wireless charging. This is because Apple is rumored to introduce “true” wireless charging later this year where the need for wireless charging mats will no longer be required, and where you could theoretically walk around your house while your phone charges.

Moto Edge Mod Will Bring LED Strips To Your Moto Z
LED notification lights aren’t new. In fact many companies have included it in their phones in the past, although for the most part they have been rather subtle in nature. However an Indiegogo campaign for a Moto Mod called the “Edge” wants to change that by giving your Moto Z handset an LED light strip.

Hayo Turns Your Gestures Into Controls For Your Smart Appliances
The concept of using gestures to control objects isn’t new. We’ve seen that in old technology like the clapper where clapping your hands turns the lights on or off. However its function was a bit limited, and with our homes these days becoming increasingly connected, the technology needed to step up its game, and this is where Hayo comes in.

Moto Mico Is An Upcoming Solar-Powered Battery Moto Mod
While battery packs are a great way to ensure that you always have a bit of extra juice on you where you go, the only downside is that once they’re depleted you not only have to charge your phone, but you’ll also have to charge the battery pack as well. This means more cables and more time spent charging.