Atari VCS Console Now Available For Pre-Order

It’s safe to say that Nintendo kind of kicked off this recent trend of relaunching older consoles as they have done with the NES and SNES Classics. This spurred other companies to do the same, such as Atari who announced the Atari VCS back in 2017. The good news is that if you liked what you saw, you’ll be pleased to learn that pre-orders are now live as promised.

Norshire Is A Kit That Makes Washing Your Car Easier

If you’re looking to wash your car and you would rather do it in the comfort of your own driveway, there might be a gadget worth taking a look at in the form of the Norshire. This is a kit designed to accomplish a number of things car-related, such as acting as a warning sign when your car breaks down, a jump starter, a power bank, and also a car […]

QuietOn Sleep Are Earbuds That Drown Out Snoring

Do you stay with someone who snores very heavily? This can be rather distracting and makes it difficult to sleep especially if you’re a light sleeper. While there are things the snorer can do to reduce or eliminate their snoring, you might also be interested in a set of earbuds called the QuietOn Sleep.

Segway’s Loomo Is Both A Transportation Device & Companion Robot

We’re sure what when Segway created its personal transportation system that it envisioned a future in which we would all be getting around that way. Unfortunately that did not exactly pan out, but it hasn’t stopped them from trying. The company has since launched another device called Loomo.


Light Phone 2 Wants To End Smartphone Distraction

Last time our phones were only good for messaging, making calls, and playing a game or two, which mean the time we spent on our phones wasn’t as much compared to today. Today we have social media, even more immersive games, a dozen different chat apps, online shopping apps, news apps, and more, which are all distractions.

Sobro Has A Smart Table For Your Bedside

Bedside tables are relatively straightforward pieces of furniture, where they serve as a place for you to place your phone, a reading lamp, a glass of water, and so on. It is an uncomplicated piece of furniture, but it seems that over on Indigogo, Sobro Design has launched a campaign for the Smart Side Table (via iMore).

PowerUp’s Phone-Controlled Paper Airplane Launches On Indiegogo

The humble paper airplane is something that most of us as kids would have made and tossed around for fun. However if you recall, several years ago a company by the name of PowerUp announced a smartphone-controlled paper airplane, which is basically a hi-tech take on a childhood classic.

Somnox Is A Huggable Robot That Helps You Sleep

[CES 2018] Do you have problem falling asleep at night? There are several different ways that one can go about treating insomnia, such as through herbal remedies, clinical remedies, music, brown noise machines, and so on. However at CES, a Dutch company has taken the wraps off a huggable robot called Somnox that is supposed to help you sleep.

Moon Is A Floating Smart Home Security Camera

The problem with some home security cameras is that they tend to focus on one area and point in one direction. Sure, some can move, but because of wires/cables or its placement, it doesn’t offer 360-degree surveillance. Now if 360-degree surveillance is something you might be interested in, then perhaps Moon might be a home security camera you could check out.

The Olie Lamp Comes With Wireless Charging And A Digital Assistant

Remember back in the day when a lamp was just a lamp, and all it had to do was provide illumination? These days we’re seeing companies start to “enhance” our everyday gadgets, and the Olie Lamp is one of them. Launched on Indiegogo, the Olie Lamp is a lamp, a wireless charger, and also comes with a digital assistant baked inside of it.

Bose Launches A Pair Of Smart Earbuds To Help You Sleep Better

Say what you will about Bose creating overpriced products, but it’s hard to deny that the company’s Quiet Comfort series of noise cancelling headphones are some of the best at what they do, and are typically recommended for those who travel on planes and want to drown out the background noise.

Trek Is A Motorized Slider For Your Smartphone

Have you ever seen those amazing timelapse videos which move from one side to the other, showing the sun rising and sun setting? Isn’t that something that you wish you could do yourself? The thing is you probably can, and if you’re willing to invest a bit of money, there is a crowdfunding project for a motorized slider called Trek.

Jibo The Social Robot Is Now Available For Purchase After 3 Years

About 3 years ago, a project for a home robot called Jibo found its way onto Indiegogo where it managed to raise over $3 million in crowdfunding, making it quite the success story. However if anything Jibo does present itself as an example of why we should be careful and manage our expectations when it comes to crowdfunded projects.

Indiegogo Launches Marketplace For Successfully-Funded Projects

Crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great places to find new and exciting products that have yet to hit the market. It gives people a chance to discover something new and to be part of the process in making it a reality. So far we’ve seen quite a few game-changing products come from such platforms.