When it comes to brewing coffee, there are many ways to go about it, with each method resulting in a different taste. This means that typically what you’ll find in the home of a coffee lover are many different tools to get the job done. This can be an expensive hobby and it can take up a lot of room.

This is where GINA comes in. Created by GOAT Story, GINA is a smart coffee instrument that combines multiple coffee making tools into one. It will allow users to brew their coffee using the immersion method, the pour over method, or if you’re looking for a way to cool down, you can even do the cold drip method, and all using the same device.

The best part is that GINA comes with a digital weighing scale built into it. What this means is that if you’re looking to weigh your coffee and water ratio, you won’t need to get a separate scale as it is already built into it. Last but not least, GINA is a stunner in terms of design as it looks pretty damn good and will definitely be a conversation piece for people visiting your home.

There will also be an accompanying smartphone app that lets users pick different recipes to follow. GINA was launched back in 2016 but it is now open for pre-orders in case you missed out on its Kickstarter campaign. GINA is priced at $170 and is a discount from its RRP of $245. It is expected to begin shipping to customers in April 2017, so hit up its Indiegogo page if you’d like to pre-order or learn more about it.

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