Ever wanted to be able to 3D scan something on the fly? Usually 3D scanning would involve quite a bit of cameras and equipment, and usually whatever needs to be scanned needs to be brought into the area where the equipment is held. However it seems that may no longer be necessary thanks to the introduction of a device called the 01Go.


The 01Go is a pen-like device that you can roll over objects. As you roll over the object, its shape and form is captured and sent to an app where you’ll actually be able to see it being formed in front of you. This means that you could walk into a guitar store and 3D scan a guitar, or walk into a car showroom and 3D scan a car on the spot.

So the question is, why would anyone need such a device? Basically if you need to get measurements and scans of products, maybe you’re shopping for furniture, or maybe you want to 3D print something and want a better reference, then the 01Go will come in handy. The fact that it is so small means that you’ll be able to fit into your pocket and bring it with you wherever you go.

The 01Go is also the “lite” version of the 01 which is currently on Indiegogo seeking funding. The main difference is that the 01Go comes without a pen, so if you don’t see the need for a pen, then the 01Go will be it. There will be an accompanying app in the form of a Pro version which will launch in the Spring of 2017 for $10 a year, or the Lite version which will be released free of charge on the 10th of December for both iOS and Android devices.

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