BT Wants To Deliver Ultrafast Internet In The UK

While the FCC has officially determined that the definition of broadband internet in the U.S. would require a minimum download speed of 25Mpbs and a minimum upload speed of 3Mbps, here we are with BT, the largest internet service provider in the UK, who intends to deliver what they deem to be ‘ultrafast’ speeds across the entire country. Home users will be pleased to know that the existing BT Infinity […]

OneWeb’s Satellite Venture Intends To Deliver Global Satellite-Based Internet Services

Both Virgin and Qualcomm have decided to throw their lot – well some of it, anyway, into OneWeb’s satellite venture, which intends to see the world benefit from global satellite-based Internet services. I am all for that – but will the coverage of the Internet connection be stable and reliable, even in the most remote parts of the world? Only time will be able to tell.

North Korea Back Online In Part

After reading about how North Korea experienced an Internet collapse earlier this morning, it seems that the reclusive country is back online – partially, of course. For one thing, we are quite sure that the country’s state news agency has seen its service restored, so folks in North Korea will be able to check out what the state news agency has to say about the latest developments around the world […]

Facebook Intends To Work With Avanti To Deliver Free Internet In Africa

Without the Internet, Facebook would be pretty much limited to just local networks – which more or less defeats the entire purpose of such a social network. Having said that, Facebook has had attempts in the past to deliver Internet to various places, including high schools. Now, we have received word that Facebook intends to sign a deal with satellite company Avanti, where this agreement will allegedly deliver free Internet […]


Carnival Cruises Launches High-Speed WiFi@Sea Network

There are plenty of service providers that offer high-speed internet up in the air, but what if you require fast internet when you’re relaxing on a cruise in the middle of the ocean? Carnival Cruises says that it has you covered. The cruise operator today announced the launch of its WiFi@Sea network which it claims is the “industry’s first hybrid wireless network at sea.”

Time Warner Cable Outage Resolved

It looks like the outage experienced by Time Warner Cable earlier this morning has been resolved, and the world (or rather, folks over in the U.S.) will be able to resume their connected lives without feeling as though a part of them is ‘dead’ because they have lost their connection to the virtual world. It must be noted that the Internet outage has impacted over 11 million customers at Time […]

China Lays The Smackdown On Internet Rumors

The government in China is definitely a no-nonsense set up. In fact, they are currently about to get all the more serious, that is, by clamping down on rumor mongers as well as those who happen to spread gossip online. In a nutshell, if you are one who deals with rumors and gossip on the Internet in China, you might want to be extra careful and place additional padlocks on […]

Facebook App Delivers Free Internet To Zambia

If you happen to live in Zambia, then take note of this – there is the app from Facebook that will enable users in Zambia to gain free access to the likes of weather as well as health information, jobs, and Google Search, among others. In other words, free Internet! This is definitely worth an effort from the folks over at Facebook for sure. After all, while over 85% […]

Bell Labs Achieve 10Gbps Record Over Traditional Copper Telephone Lines

Just how fast can your copper telephone line carry data to your computer? I clearly remember those good old days of 14.4k baud modems with the terrible screeching that they made while dialing in, and loading a nice JPEG of Cindy Crawford took forever. However, the wizards at Bell Labs have managed to push the envelope the farthest possible to date with the humble copper telephone line, having achieved a […]

FBI Has 83 Page Shorthand Internet Slang Glossary

To know your enemy or to understand someone, you would first need to walk in his or her shoes, see things from their perspective, and at the very least you would have an inkling of what they are going through. The FBI is a governmental agency that functions as a federal criminal investigative body and an internal intelligence agency, and so, they must have their “tentacles” in the realm of […]

UN: 3 Billion Internet Users By 2015

According to the United Nations, there will be an estimated three billion (!) Internet users before we bid adieu to the year 2014 and welcome the year 2015. It is said that approximately 67% of the future Internet users will comprise of those from the developing world at least this is what the United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) announced recently.

Lady Talks Her Way To Free Boob Job Via Website

The internet has truly made the world grow a whole lot smaller. Take 23 year old Gemini Smith for instance, where she managed to raise the £4,450 required in order to enlarge her breasts to a size that she desired simply by chatting to men online. Gemini, a trainee undertaker, touts that her 34A breasts made her look like “a 12-year-old boy”, and after the operation, she has raised the […]

Gogo 2Ku Next Gen Inflight Internet Technology Announced

Gogo has provided inflight Wi-Fi to passengers for some time already, and this time around, the leading aircraft communications service provider has announced a step in the right direction where global connectivity is concerned with 2Ku. Gogo has big plans for 2Ku technology, having expectations for it to outperform other global connectivity solutions that are currently available in the market. Just like in the past, Japan Airlines will have a […]

Media Regulator Demands Porn Site Age Check Law Prior To Access

Pornography is a topic where much has been said about it, and this time around, we have a proposed clamp down on pornography with demand by a media regulator for porn sites to have an age check law in place before one is able to access that site. According to the results of a survey that was conducted by The Authority for Television On Demand (Atvod), these very same results […]