Gogo 2Ku Next Gen Inflight Internet Technology Announced

Gogo has provided inflight Wi-Fi to passengers for some time already, and this time around, the leading aircraft communications service provider has announced a step in the right direction where global connectivity is concerned with 2Ku. Gogo has big plans for 2Ku technology, having expectations for it to outperform other global connectivity solutions that are currently available in the market. Just like in the past, Japan Airlines will have a […]

Media Regulator Demands Porn Site Age Check Law Prior To Access

Pornography is a topic where much has been said about it, and this time around, we have a proposed clamp down on pornography with demand by a media regulator for porn sites to have an age check law in place before one is able to access that site. According to the results of a survey that was conducted by The Authority for Television On Demand (Atvod), these very same results […]

Navitime Japan Helps You Hunt Down Free Wi-Fi

Japan, the land where manga was born, fast Internet connectivity, as well as amazing video games which have turned into cult favorites, also happens to be a country where it has the third most Internet users in the world. Having said that, it would not be too far off the mark to think that this would mean one ought to be able to find a free Wi-Fi connection at just […]

Google Looks At 10Gbps Internet Connections

There is nothing quite like a speedy Internet connection as you work (or surf, or download stuff). The advent of broadband technology has certainly come a long way in making sure that we no longer need to depend on the screech of the 28.8k modem to check out Facebook accounts, and the data pipes today serve up Full HD movies without breaking a sweat. Google has a grander vision for […]


Asia Leads In Fast Internet Connection (Study)

In this day and age, check out the behavior of youngsters in developing as well as developed countries and you would find that most of them would be hooked on a mobile device at one time or another. We are living in a connected age, and if you were to bring your kids or teens for a holiday at a place with no Wi-Fi connectivity, they would most probably groan […]

NekNomination Death Results In Web Page Shutting Down

NekNomination, the website that depicts how people take part in drinking challenges, has been shut down after the death of an Irish teenarger. This particular social media page that is based in Northern Ireland has its fair collection of videos that depict a variety of drinking challenges. Jonny Byrne, who happens to be at a tender of 19, hails from County Carlow where he met his death after making the […]

BT Achieves Phenomenal Internet Speed

When it comes to hooking up the entire slew of homes in Britain to a fiber optic network, BT is still far from finished, as it is certainly a massive undertaking no matter which particular angle you look at it from. Still, this should not be taken as an excuse to prevent the company from figuring out new methods in order for it to achieve as much performance as possible […]

Facebook Founder Wants To Deliver Fast Internet To High Schools

Schools are a place of learning and growing, but if there is a way to make things faster and more efficient, why not? The Internet can be said to be an indispensable part of life these days, so much so that having a fast connection would make perfect sense in order for students to take advantage of the top tier electronic learning tools on hand that are in the market. […]

China Introduces Li-Fi Bulb That Lets You Go Online

This might be the modern day equivalent of an “Eureka!” moment, as scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics claim to have discovered the ability of a microchip to emit Wi-Fi after being embedded with a one-watt LED bulb, where the signal strength is good enough to offer Internet connectivity to not one, two, or even a trio of computers, but four! This particular discovery has led to it […]

15% Of All Americans Don’t Use The Internet And May Never Use It [Report]

If you’re reading this right now, then we think it’s safe to say that you’re currently using the Internet, that is, unless you insist your Internet-using neighbors to print out our stories for you on a daily basis. Those of you who would rather not deal with the Internet aren’t alone as Pew Research is reporting a total of 15% of Americans don’t have the Internet, with a total of […]

China Suffers Largest DDoS Attack They’ve Ever Faced

We’ve seen what exactly happens when a DDoS attack is initiated on a web site, such what happened to The Pirate Bay, Reddit and even Apple’s iMessage users, and apparently China’s Internet is currently suffering from what its government is calling the largest attack they’ve ever faced.

Internet.org Announced By Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, has just announced the introduction of internet.org. Just what is internet.org? It happens to be a global partnership that will have the ultimate goal of making internet access available to the other 5 billion people on the planet. Now, where have we heard of such an idea before? Ah right – Google’s Project Loon does have the possibility of delivering internet connectivity […]

20% Of US Residents Do Not Use The Internet, Says The New York Times

I recently spotted a meme over on 9gag that showed that right at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid lies something that most of us take for granted these days – Wi-Fi connectivity. Now I had a real good laugh over that, but have you ever wondered just how many folks in the US have yet to use the Internet? After all, it is 2013 now, and long gone are the […]

Melrose Is Minnesota’s First ‘Gigabit City’

Minnesota clocks up another Gigabit City in their books.