Spark Tablet CaseThere have been a plethora of tablet cases available for the iPad but what caught our attention about the Spark Tablet Case is that it is lined with solar panels. The Spark Tablet Case by Voltaic, has enough solar panels to generate 8 watts of power to provide about an hour of iPad runtime for every hour in the sunlight. It comes with a solar chargeable battery that contains almost enough juice to give the iPad one full charge. The battery can be charged via the solar panels on the case, or via a USB port or wall charger. It even comes with a high-power 2A USB port in addition to a regular 650mA USB port to speed up the iPad recharging process. The solar panels on the case are water resistant, and so is the case itself, so you won’t be in trouble if you accidentally forget to bring this into the house when you leave it to charge outside, and it suddenly rains. The case is large enough to fit other accessories besides your iPad (think of it like a laptop bag) and the charger can be used to charge other mobile devices as well (cameras, phones etc). Voltaic hasn’t announced a price yet, but the Spark Tablet Case will be released in Q2 this year.

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