iPad 2 Production Reportedly Nearing Its End

The iPad 2 is almost three years old, though it did become one of the most popular tablets that Apple has ever released. It was a major change over its predecessor, the original iPad, which came out back in 2010. iPad 2 brought a whole new design that wasn’t just thinner and lighter, but also packed a mean punch under the hood. However since then it has been succeeded by […]

DuMont iPad Mini Case Made Out Of Wood, Looks Like Old TV

The iPad mini has been around for quite some time now, and if you are still on the lookout for a new case, then might I suggest to you something more radical and zany in its design – the DuMont iPad mini case that happens to be the brainchild of a certain Jeffrey Stephenson. This particular iPad mini case would see the iPad mini accompany a Jawbone Jambox alongside a […]

Insurer Brands iPad Mini As ‘World’s Most Breakable Gadget’

Its not difficult to break your smartphone or tablet. Even though these devices are able to withstand drops to a certain extent, and even though some of them are even waterproof, they’re certainly not completely invincible. Some users opt to insure their device against such unfortunate incidents, SquareTrade Europe is just one of the many insurers that provide this service. It has created a list of the “world’s most breakable gadgets,” […]

Retina iPad Mini Sees Shipping Times Improve To 1-3 Days

Planning on getting your hands on a Retina iPad mini for Christmas? Well if you are, you might just be in luck because according to Apple’s online store, the shipping times for the tablet have since been improved and now show a 1-3 days shipping estimate, an improvement over the previous estimate which was set at 5-10 days. In fact earlier on supply was so tight that the tablet even […]


Apple’s iPads Account For Six Spots In Japan’s Top 10 Tablet List

We have heard not only does the iPhone account for 76% of all smartphones in Japan, but they are leading the US in terms of app revenue as well. Now it turns out that not only are Apple’s iPhones popular in Japan, but it turns out that Apple’s tablets are just as popular too. According to Japan’s BCN, they have revealed that out of the top 10 tablets in Japan, […]

Retina iPad Mini’s Display Ranks A “Distant Third” Compared To Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire HDX

When Apple announced the iPad mini with Retina display, many rejoiced. After all this was one the most wanted features for the iPad mini’s successor. However it was discovered not too long ago that the Retina iPad mini actually displays less color when compared to the likes of the iPad Air, and now according to the experts at DisplayMate, they have ranked Apple’s Retina iPad mini as a “distant third” […]

Apple iPad Mini 3 Prototype With Touch ID Spotted [Rumor]

Apple announced a new iPad Mini with Retina Display a few months ago, but as you’d probably know by now, a new product announcement never stops the company’s rumor mill from working around the clock. Today, we’re hearing rumors regarding the next-generation iPad Mini, which is being called the iPad Mini 3 at this time.

Apple Now Allowing Walk-In Retina iPad Mini Purchases

The Retina iPad mini is no doubt one of Apple’s more popular iPads, especially given that its crams a rather high resolution into a smaller display, giving it a pretty high pixel density that results in sharper images. Last we heard the tablet was facing backorders and was reportedly also facing supply constraints, apparently due to issues with the display. Whatever the case is, customers were not allowed to just […]

US Carriers Reporting Cellular Retina iPad Mini Units Are Backordered

The Retina iPad mini, safe to say, is probably one of the more anticipated tablets of 2013. Given the success of the original iPad mini, we can only imagine that bundled with a Retina display, how much popular it would be. Well it turns out that it is popular, unsurprisingly, but popular enough to the extent where carriers are reporting that they are facing some shortages when it comes to […]

iPad Mini With Retina Display Falls To MP7

I am not quite sure whether there is a point to blending recently released devices. Will the kind of traffic pulled by the site for such stories be able to compensate for the cost of the devices, not to mention having to make sure that the blender is still in good working condition after that? Perhaps not, but it can be seen as some form of publicity. Why not have […]

iPad Mini With Retina Display Found To Display Fewer Colors Than iPad Air

Are you planning on picking up the iPad min with Retina display? We heard the device might have some image retention problems, and now according to a review by AnandTech, it has been discovered that while the iPad mini’s display might be sharper and have a higher pixel density compared to the iPad Air, it sacrifices a bit of color in the process. Based on their review, it has been […]

Retina iPad Mini Reportedly Face Image Retention Problems

Apple’s new iPad mini was quietly launched just last week and we’re sure given the Retina display and the iPad mini’s portability that many Apple fans went out there to get their hands on the device as soon as possible. However it turns out that being an early-adopted might not be such a good idea after all, especially since we are hearing reports in which several Retina iPad mini users […]

Retina iPad Mini In-Store Tracker Tool Is Live

We know the feeling of going to the Apple store, asking for a product, only to find out it’s out of stock, and have this experience repeated in the next 2-3 stores you visit. This is why when the website Apple-tracker.com was live, it made things a lot more convenient. Apple did not appreciate this and has since ordered the website to be shutdown. Well it looks like Apple could […]

AT&T And Verizon’s Retina iPad Mini With Cellular Backordered As Far As 28 Days

The iPad mini with Retina display was released a couple of days ago and according to previous reports, there was a good chance that would-be customers could face delays in getting their device due to production issues which Apple is working hard to solve. Well the bad news is that if you did not already order your iPad mini with cellular capabilities from either Verizon or AT&T, you might be […]