New iPad Mini To Debut Alongside iPad Air 2 With New Smart Covers And Cases [Rumor]

Come this Thursday, Apple is expected to take the wraps off their new iPads. Now while we have seen leaks and heard rumors about the next-gen iPad Air, not much has been said about the third-gen Retina iPad mini. Does this mean that Apple will not be upgrading the iPad mini? Well according to a report from Mac Otakara (via MacRumors), iPad mini fans can rest assured because it seems […]

AirVR Headset Lets You Strap An iPad Mini To Your Face

One of the interesting evolutions we’ve seen with regards to virtual reality is that instead of relying on an integrated display, there have been virtual reality headsets designed to fit our mobile devices, thus using their displays instead. We’ve seen this happen with Vortex VR, the Samsung Gear VR, and even with Google Cardboard. However thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign for a project called AirVR, it calls for a […]

iPad Mini Might Experience Price Cut

When it comes to Apple products, most of the time, the device itself is priced at a premium compared to other counterparts that are in the market. The thing is, the slightly higher price point for Apple products has not deterred folks from actually picking up their products, and on the contrary, Apple has grown from strength to strength over the years. In fact, word has it that Apple will […]

Old Trafford Bans iPad And Other Tablets

Old Trafford, also known as the Theater of Dreams, has listed down the iPad and the iPad mini, as well as other tablets, as a prohibited item whenever Manchester United plays a home game. Isn’t this crazy? Also known as the Red Devils, Manchester United is one of the most well known sporting franchises worldwide, sporting constantly sold out home games. While fans would bring their fair share of devices […]


iPad mini 2 Review

“Every inch an iPad” is how Apple marketed the original iPad mini (2012). That was mostly true. While the iPad mini (2012) did finally give consumers a smaller, more portable iPad, what they really got was essentially a miniaturized iPad 2 (2011). It didn’t have a Retina display and its processing power and gaming capabilities suffered because it was running on such old hardware. Not to mention, the iPad mini […]

Next Generation iPad Mini Will Be 30% Thinner [Rumor]

In a few months Apple is going to unveil its new smartphones and tablets. This year the company’s third iPad mini is going to be released. Last year it updated the tablet with a Retina display and a faster processor. Rumor has it that this time around there’s a big change coming. The tablet’s moniker will apparently be changed to Air primarily due to the fact that it is going to […]

iPad Mini Soft Design Concept Shows Off Rounded Edges

If the rumors are to be believed and if Apple keeps to schedule, it seems that yes, we can expect Apple to release a new iPad mini later this year, possibly with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor included. That being said, renowned designer Martin Hajek, who has in the past created some pretty awesome iPhone/iPad mockups, has come up with a new concept rendering of the third-gen iPad mini.

Alleged iPad Mini With Touch ID Spotted In Photo

According to the rumors, Apple is expected to introduce Touch IDs to its iPad lineup this year. This isn’t that much of a stretch given the possibilities that Touch ID can unlock, that and the fact that it makes iOS devices that much safer from potential thieves or those who want to peek at the contents of our tablets. Now the other day we caught a look at iPad Air […]

iPad Arriving In Japan This June 10 Via NTT DOCOMO

NTT DOCOMO and Apple have come together to make an announcement that both the iPad Air as well as iPad mini with Retina display will be made available on the DOCOMO network starting from this Tuesday, June 10. The iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display will deliver the power and capability of the A7 chip, in addition to advanced graphics on a Retina display, as well as high-speed […]

Touch ID Rumored To Arrive For The iPad This Year

Recently KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, released a research note that revealed some information regarding Apple’s upcoming plans for the rest of the year. Some of those plans were shown briefly in a slide in our previous post that revealed what Kuo thought could be Apple’s roadmap for the year. According to the roadmap, Kuo believes that Apple could be refreshing the iPad Air and iPad mini in Q3 2014, […]

iPad Air & iPad mini With LTE Hits China At Last

Now folks, this is no April Fool’s joke. Apple has announced that they will be making TD-LTE capable models of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display to the market in China from today onward. These “new” (relatively speaking, considering how most of the rest of the world have had them for some time already) iPad models would be able to offer customers the option to hook up […]

Microsoft Convinces 12 Year Old Girl To Get The Surface 2 Over The iPad Mini

Naturally in a family there are those who use Android, those who use iOS, some who prefer BlackBerry, some might prefer Windows Phone, and so on. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer her since it all boils down to personal preference, but one dad thought he would be able to convince his daughter to get a Microsoft Surface tablet instead of an iPad mini.

Apple Reportedly Picks Samsung To Manufacture iPad Mini Display Panels

It is no secret that Apple and Samsung do not like each other, however both companies are more than aware that they need each other’s business. Samsung has the technology, the experience, and the size to produce the quality and quantity of components Apple needs, which is why as much as they appear to hate each other through legal proceedings, losing Apple as a client and losing Samsung as a […]

iPad Pro Rumored For 2015 Release, iPad Mini Might Be Discontinued

We have been hearing rumors that Apple could be working on a larger iPad which could sport a 12.9-inch display called the iPad Pro. Rumors being rumors, it’s hard to tell if the tablet will ever see the light of day or if it even exists at all. In the meantime if you were looking forward to seeing it in 2014, you might be disappointed to learn that the tablet […]