airvr ipadOne of the interesting evolutions we’ve seen with regards to virtual reality is that instead of relying on an integrated display, there have been virtual reality headsets designed to fit our mobile devices, thus using their displays instead. We’ve seen this happen with Vortex VR, the Samsung Gear VR, and even with Google Cardboard.

However thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign for a project called AirVR, it calls for a virtual reality headset that allows users to use their iPad mini with Retina display or the upcoming iPhone 6 Plus as the display itself. While the iPhone 6 Plus is pretty huge at 5.5-inches, we the iPad mini would be even bigger.

What this means is that the AirVR is essentially a holder for your tablet or smartphone and according to its creators, Metatecture, they have already developed some apps for the headset. They also note that their design will leave the ports on the iPad or iPhone open so that wearers can attach peripherals to it, like game controllers, headphones, and so on.

While the design of AirVR for the iPhone 6 Plus appears to be pretty standard, we’re not sure how we feel about slapping an iPad mini onto our faces. However if you’re interested in such a device, you should probably head on over to its Kickstarter page to pledge your support or to find out more details.

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