iPhone 4S

State Farm Sues Apple Over iPhone 4S That Allegedly Caused A Fire
We’re heard of phones exploding and catching on fire before, and last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was probably the pinnacle of such incidents. However it looks like Apple’s iPhone 4S could be at the center of its own controversy now, as US insurance giant State Farm is suing Apple over a defective iPhone 4S.

iOS 9.2.1 Found To Give Speed Boosts To Older iPhones
A couple of days ago, Apple released iOS 9.2.1. The update seemed to just be a bug fix and did not really introduce anything new. Now for those of you still using older iPhones, you might loathe the idea of updating because from what we have seen, updating just seems to make your phone even slower.

Apple Sued For Crippling The iPhone 4S With iOS 9 Update
As software becomes more demanding, hardware needs to be upgraded in order for it to keep up. This is why as time passes, newer software updates are sometimes incompatible with older hardware. For example we’ve seen it happen with Rockstar’s GTA Online where the company stated that future updates would skip older consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3.The same can be said for smartphones too, but for the most […]

Counterfeit iPhone 4s Discovered, Runs On iOS 8
China is a land of many possibilities, and while they are starting to cement their permanent place as a great manufacturing hub, they also happen to have this particular stigma attached – that is, to roll out counterfeit products that range from food to consumer electronics. It seems that there were people who were capable of assembling a fully working iPhone via sub-assemblies that were purchased off the Internet a […]


iOS 8.3 Beats Out iOS 9 Beta In Speed Test On The iPhone 4S
When iOS 8 was released last year, it was found that running it on older devices like the iPhone 4S proved to be a less than ideal experience. Now Apple did try to introduce some improvements which proved to be a bit better, but still not as fast as many would have liked, so the question is how will iOS 9 fare on the device?As it turns out, not so […]

iOS 8.1.1's Claims Of Performance Improvements Put To The Test
When Apple rolled out iOS 8 a few months ago, it seems that many iPhone 4S owners were advised to not bother with the update due to performance issues. It was found that the update to iOS 8 slowed the device down considerably, but with iOS 8.1.1, Apple is claiming that this should breathe some new life into older devices, the iPhone 4S included.So the question is, is this for […]

iOS 8 On The iPhone 4S Might Not Be Ideal
So iOS 8 is here and we guess one of the good things to using iOS devices is that for the most part, Apple tends to support older devices with major OS revisions for years after, which is good news for those who might be holding back on updating just yet. However it seems that if you are still a proud owner of the iPhone 4S, you might want to […]

Girl Electrocuted To Death From Charging iPhone 4S
Is it me, or are there more and more fatalities attributed to smartphones these days compared to the previous decade? Perhaps this is due to the natural rise in the number of smartphone owners, or the quality control somewhere along the way has dipped. An 18-year old girl from Xinjiang, China, was electrocuted to death by her charging iPhone 4S while she was in bed. As to whether Wu Wenyuan […]

iPhone 4S Gets Thumbs Down In Comparison Video
Once you have jumped aboard the mobile device bandwagon, there is no escaping one particular monster that constantly snaps at your latest purchase’s heels – and that would be the monster of obsolescence. Having said that, the iPhone 4S that was released three years ago is still being used by some folks today, but just how does it fare if it were to be your primary mobile gaming device? Not […]

Trade-In Site Sees One Third Of Galaxy S5 Buyers Switching From iPhone
Samsung’s 2014 flagship was one of the most hotly anticipated devices of this year. At MWC in February the company finally unveiled the Galaxy S5. It went on sale on April 11th in more than 150 countries around the world. A lot of customers will be upgrading from their existing phones to get their hands on this new flagship. Mobile trade-in website CompareMyMobile saw over one third, 38 percent to […]

The PocketPlug Is An iPhone Case With A Built-In Charger
We’ve seen an iPhone 5 case that has a Lightning cable attached to its back, which would allow you to charge your iPhone 5 nearly anywhere there’s a power outlet, so long as you have your adapter with you. You don’t see many iPhone cases that come with a built-in charger, which is exactly what makes the Prong PocketPlug so unique as it combines an iPhone case with a charger that […]

Apple iPhone 5 Discontinued, iPhone 4S Now Free On Contract
After nearly an year of competing in the global smartphone market, the iPhone 5 is no more. Apple has decided to discontinue last year’s flagship smartphone and replace it with the new iPhone 5C. Traditionally, whenever the company has released a new iPhone, it discounted the previous one to $99 on contract and offered the one before that for free, on contract. Instead of doing that this year, Apple packaged […]

Croatian Woman's iPhone 4S Reportedly Explodes On Bedside Table
Over the past few weeks we’ve heard a lot of stories about faulty iPhone chargers causing serious damage. A flight attendant in China was electrocuted while charging her iPhone 4S, the incident caused her death. A man in China was also electrocuted which put him in a coma, an iPhone 4S and a charger were involved in this incident as well. It is believed that they might have been using […]

Walmart Slashes iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S Prices Permanently
Walmart has now permanently slashed prices for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. 16GB iPhone 5 for $129 and 16GB iPhone 4S for $39 coupled with a two year contract with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.

Apple Sued Over Call Forwarding Patent By Texas Company
It seems like tech companies being sued over alleged patent infringements these days has become the norm, and it looks like Apple will have to add another company to the list in the form of a company from Texas called Bluebonnet Telecommunications. According to the lawsuit, it seems that Bluebonnet believes that Apple has infringed on a patent which allows for call forwarding. Bluebonnet alleges that devices like the iPhone […]

iPhone Trade-In Program At Apple Stores May Begin This Month
According to a new report Apple is going to start an iPhone trade-in program later this month. They've reportedly partnered with Brightstar Corp. on this project.

iPhone Repair Costs Rising Due To More Expensive Components
The rise in costs for fixing an iPhone are due to the rise in its components.

Best Buy Reducing iPhone Price By $50 Starting On May 26
Best Buy is said to begin slashing the price of its iPhone by $50 starting on May 26.

Pegatron Forecasts Revenue Dip As iPad Mini Demand Drops
Apple provides Pegatron quite a lot of business. The latter is tasked with manufacturing components that are part of iPhone 4S and the iPad mini. It is also rumored to be manufacturing components for the next generation iPhone. Foxconn, Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner, has recently been shifting its strategy so as to end its reliance on Apple’s business. Foxconn is now looking sell products that it creates, designs and manufacturers […]

Vodafone Advises iPhone Users To Not Update To iOS 6.1
Apple released iOS 6.1 on January 28 without seeing a gold master (GM) version to developers prior to its launch, which is very unlike Apple if you follow their iOS release schedule. Sure – iOS 6 was downloaded by an alleged record number of iOS users, but Apple’s haste may have worked against them this time as a major mobile carrier is advising its users against updating to iOS 6.1.Vodafone, […]