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iPhone 6 Mockups Don't Reveal Final Design [Report]
Over the past few weeks countless mockups of the iPhone 6 have leaked online. We have seen mockups of both rumored display sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. A new report published today claims that they don’t really show the final design of this much awaited smartphone, instead a few changes will be made before the device is shown off to the public.

Caviar iPhone 5S Supremo Putin Oozes With Luxury
Russia is a vast country, never mind that it already had many of other smaller countries come out of it when the U.S.S.R. somewhat disbanded. With plenty of natural resources to fall back on, it is a growing country that has its citizens optimistic about the future. Her president, however, is not exactly too popular on the international front at the moment, but Italian luxury brand Caviar/Perla Penna has a […]

Walmart Reduces iPhone 5c Price To Just $29 For Good
If you are one who waits until the existing life cycle of a particular device is about to come to and end, with the imminent arrival of a new model only to make a purchase of previous generation technology, then you will be pleased to hear that Walmart will offer the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at permanently reduced prices. For instance, the iPhone 5c on a 2-year agreement will […]

iPhone 5s Case Tops The Scary Scale
The folks over in Japan certainly have quite the active imagination, and this time around, it would be this particular iPhone 5s case that would come under scrutiny. Basically, this new case is touted to have been produced (or co-produced) by Japanese carrier KDDI, where it arrives in a form factor that might just gross out a whole lot of people, where it is not short of any kind of […]


T-Mobile Announces Test Drive Program As Part Of Un-carrier 5.0
Choosing a carrier can be tricky. There are so many hidden fees and charges, not to mention different data packages, minutes, amount of SMS sent, and so on that makes it pretty difficult to choose. Then there is also coverage area, where one carrier might offer better coverage but at worse prices, so these are the sort of decisions one has to make before committing themselves to a 2-year contract.Well […]

LG G3 Versus Galaxy S5, One M8, Nexus 5, iPhone 5s In Camera Shootout
The LG G3 has been getting a lot of attention these days and rightfully so. This is the first Android smartphone from a more mainstream manufacturer to include a QHD display as part of its specs, beating the likes of Sony, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola to the punch. Its camera is also one that many are taking a look at due to its built-in OIS and a laser that will […]

LG G3 Beats Out The Competition In Battery Test
Apart from the size of the display, the display resolution, the processor, the camera, there are other factors that users take into consideration when choosing a smartphone, such as battery life. Now with so many smartphones out there today, which phone does best when it comes to battery life?Well according to the folks at PhoneArena who have conducted tests on their own, it turns out that the recently announced LG […]

iPhone Driving LTE Growth For China Mobile
It took Apple a lot of time to ink a deal with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network which has more than 780 million subscribers. The iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s were the first Apple smartphones sold officially by the carrier after it fired up its TD-LTE network. Analysts believed that the new iPhones would bring in LTE subscribers for the carrier and it appears that they were right. China Mobile has […]

iPhone 5s iOS 7.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Shown Off On Video
The jailbreak community doesn’t see that kind of swift action anymore that was visible back in the old days, prior to iOS 5.0 to be precise. There are a few reasons why the pace has slowed down. Even if developers find an exploit they hold off on a release if a major update is expected in the near future. That appears to be the reason why an iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak hasn’t been […]

iPhone 5s & iPad Air Used To Create This Bentley Ad
Usually when we think of photography and videography used for professional photoshoots, we think of DSLRs and expensive video cameras, or sometimes expensive DSLRs that double up as video cameras. This is because high-end devices offer up more control and better quality, at least compared to our smartphones.However as we have pointed out before, it’s how one uses their equipment that matters as well, and the video above should prove […]

Apple Beats Out Samsung & LG In Customer Satisfaction Survey In Korea
Samsung is a South Korean company and they’re also one of the largest Android OEMs around at the moment. However it seems that despite Samsung’s success with their Galaxy series of Android phones, it looks like Apple has managed to beat the company in a customer satisfaction survey, in their home of South Korea nonetheless.In fact this isn’t the first time Apple has beaten out Samsung with regards to the […]

Lunecase Uses Your iPhone's Electromagnetic Waves To Display Notifications
Wouldn’t it be cool if your iPhone could display notifications in a sleeker and more elegant way? If you think so as well, perhaps the Lunecase could be worth your consideration. The case debuted at CES as a prototype and is designed for the iPhone 5s in mind. Basically what it does is that it uses the electromagnetic waves emitted by your iPhone to display notifications.Given that calls and messages […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Outsold The iPhone 5s In Its Opening Weekend
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the South Korean tech giant’s latest and greatest handset. Given that it is also part of the extremely successful Galaxy S-lineup has help build anticipation and hype over the device, but how is it faring against the competition?Well according to recent data released by a retail management software provider, it seems that it is doing quite well and might have even outsold the iPhone 5s […]

Alleged iPhone 6 Case Compared Against The Nexus 5, Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 5s
Assuming the rumors are true, there is a good chance that the next-gen iPhone could come in various sizes: a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. That being said, the rumors also suggest that the 4.7-inch model could launch first, since there are battery issues with the 5.5-inch model that could cause it to be delayed to 2015.In the meantime, the folks at Unbox Therapy have managed to get their […]